lunes, 12 de mayo de 2014

An erection will not go down

The human female in heat ignites the male so you can penetrate. This inflammation can reach the male ego and take too long to resume the previous state, thus complicating the relationship between spouses.

If we were not human neurotic everything work better.

Neurosis is a result of the conflict between natural instincts and social norms. As the repression of our desires is detrimental to mental health, we ended up with a number of adaptive difficulties we call neurosis.

How are we?

Most believe that this question already has an answer, but it is not. What we do have are opinions of individuals or institutions that have acquired a deserved or undeserved fame, but do not know why the truth.

In other words, many people have a very prestigious voice and why we believe their claims are true. Unfortunately it is not. Those people, his books, his lectures, they just say what they think by now we approve passively, because it serves assume that science has come so far as to know the human being.

The truth is that we know a lot, but much less prestigious than have us believe.

One version of how nature is our species indicates that our females are also those who, when they are in heat, call for males (males), making the deify swell of pride, thanks to which the penis also swells (hardens), reaching the necessary rigidity to penetrate and deposit semen into the vagina.

This article refers specifically to back desinflamación narcissistic phenomenon. Indeed, some males have an inertia that works against good relations with the woman that excited.

Indeed, although most have become flaccid penis does not usually happen the same with the psychological aspects. These men believe that women's endiosó, the idolized, was deeply in love, but by their natural charms of male fertilizing. When he is confused thus becomes an arrogant being, who tries permanently subordinate its companion.

In short, if your ego is not inflammatory, Mr becomes unbearable that someone will have to be driven away from home.

Nota: O texto original em espanhol (sem tradução do Google): La erección que no baja.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.213)

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