jueves, 15 de mayo de 2014

Impunity of honest

In the first leftist governments in the Hispanic peoples, suffer not suffer corruption but administration of monies paid taxpayers end assuring reelection indefinitely.

In this video and article I share with you a challenge to those in the public service, they boast of being corrupt.

What in euphemistic language is called "breach of trust" is to benefit for themselves the power that the rulers and officials working for the state.

It is so widespread that, at this point, citizens believe that the unjust enrichment of the rulers is normal, knowing that it is illegal and immoral,of course !

However, the sentence is strangely soft corrupt. Moreover, it sometimes seems that the theft of public property is a kind of playfulness, lucrative joke, funny vividness.

All this is true and try to tell them a possible explanation:

1) The notion of private property works in full when our personal property are threatened, but almost no work when foreign goods are threatened (state, for example);

2) For the above reason, it does not seem so bad governors, administrators and officials, who have a knack for stealing or to take the position of power for personal gain, we would do the same if any of us were in that situation;

3) The rulers left, although they are human beings like all of us, that is, are as corruptible as anyone, are lately coming to power after many years of fruitless struggle. The main reason for this success is due to abuse of the corruption of the rulers who were long in power. For this reason, leftist politicians claim they are honest and voters, tired of so much corruption, give them a chance;

4) Like all new broom sweeps clean, rulers left without stealing maintained during the time you need any human to get corrupted and falling into old temptation of previous rulers;

5) New rulers left abstain from stealing and receiving bribes, but the freedom to make administration of public funds which distributes monies drawn from the upper classes are taken. Without stealing and doing charity with the money of others, the rulers left but do not steal eternal ensure reelection, in favor of those who receive financial assistance to make their lives (artificially) easier.

Nota: O texto original em espanhol (sem tradução do Google): La impunidad de los honestos.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.216)

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