domingo, 30 de junio de 2013

The wise love the imperfect human

The wise do not really exist. What do exist are people who love the imperfect human being.

A person with experience is recognized because he has developed the ability to find the right balance of everything.

For example: know how much you can require a machine, knows what to expect from their children, knows when pain itself is dangerous and when it is a simple temporary discomfort.

On the contrary, having theoretical notions because I read in a book or told it in a university, will surely be a spendthrift opportunities. If, as a precaution, do not expect as much of each thing or person, try to ask as little as possible to their employees, stop using a machine just a bit up the cabinet temperature, asked to be admitted to emergency if you feel a little dizzy .

In the opposite case, who has theoretical notions because he read it in a book or told it in a university, will surely be a spendthrift of opportunities if, through ignorance and neglect, abuses of objects or people, places orders exaggerated, melted motors or perish at home for not asking for timely assistance.

Is there any way to be wise? Yes.

That way is to work trying to make things right on the first try, do not be surprised or shocked if anything or everything goes wrong, abandon the arrogance of self-flagellation as if understanding that never fail, review the procedures to detect what went wrong and try to improve it, admit you can be wrong several times.

The wise do not really exist as one imagines them (people who knows everything), what do exist are people with high tolerance to frustration, proudly moderate who love the imperfect human being.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Los sabios aman al ser humano imperfecto.
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The hunger of the winner

People who succeed because they needed to live with dignity, they are because I really feel hunger and distress.

"The lie has short legs," the saying goes and it seems to be true, although it is true that these short legs can move at high speed and serve with particular efficiency.

I always hear and read that people who succeed are people who have a strong will.

I keep shouting it from the rooftops: "Will NOT power." It is true that we can lie and emerge unscathed.

Why do I say "lie"? Because what really gives us energy, audacity and ingenuity, not the will but the real need, desire galling, gnawing penury, distressing scarcity, hunger gnaws the bowels us, desperation keeps us from sleeping.

When someone proposes the "voluntarism" imaginary solution being proposed, it leads him to assume that "God will provide" that "Every cloud has a silver sale" that "You better times" that "After seven lean years following seven years of plenty ".

Of course we can deceive. We do it all the time. When we believe in magical beings to come to our aid (gods, saints, virgins, animal totems, spells omnipotent), when we assume that everything is easy, when we imagine there like us who have found a way to live without effort, to spend laughing all the time, never feel pain, they found the recipe to hit the lottery, when we think that all that exists, we are deceiving ourselves and children.

People who succeed, ie they have what it takes to live a decent, though not about anything or live in a palace surrounded by servants and luxury, these are successful people because they really feel hunger and distress.

Nota: O texto original em espanhol (sem tradução do Google): El hambre del triunfador.
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sábado, 29 de junio de 2013

Negative effects of hope

Hope is a disease that sometimes helps us to encourage us and other harms us procrastinate.

On previous occasions I remembered the legend that hope is the only disease that did not escape the box that Pandora opened.

Our minds tend to think that what we like is always the best, but hope it works as well as a brake stimulus, because we are encouraged when we have to wait for something to evolve, happen, be resolved, but we prefer to postpone deliberately numbed when some action or decision difficult.

Family and friends play a very important role in how we manage the pathological hope. His influence is evident both when we are encouraged to get sick a little more hope, as when we pressed for us to improve our health regarding that condition (hope).

Normal pregnancy is a good example. As pregnancy progresses the mother is happy, society pampers the child does not bother her, but when things get complicated born pretty all tasks, family disorganization and relative concerns causing birth.

The late musical philosopher, John Lennon, was quoted as saying: "Life is what happens while we plan the future."

The projects are a form of pregnancy. When plans and projects indefinitely delay implementation we are manipulating the duration of pregnancy to delay as much as possible the overhead of difficulties encountered with the newborn.

While those who are watching us justify our projects are taking time reasonable, we can still enjoy the pleasurable effects of hope, but there comes a time when those who are watching us begin to think we are postponing childbirth irresponsibly, we are abusing the hope , we would have to heal so much hope.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Efectos negativos de la esperanza.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.925)

viernes, 28 de junio de 2013

If you believe the majority, is it true?

We accept as true the repeated news in social networks without worrying about the reliability of the source.

Phonics and writing in each language are different. For a Hispanic birds make "peep-peep" but for an Anglo make "tweet-tweet" (pronounced: tweet-tweet). The same bird chirps Depending on the form of hearing that each village.

By consulting an English-Spanish, we note that for the Anglo-speaking "twit" means "asshole" while "tweet" means chirp, chirp.

Looking a little further we see that the translation of "twitter" is "twitter, chatter, chatter '.

These linguistic reflections around a topic that mismanage Hispanics, because to learn a language in depth to be learned at birth, are reflections that suffer from the same features that has the wealth of information that circulates on the web and it's becoming most accessed and used, including making decisions.

People over thirty years we learned to confirm the data in paper books that brought the backing of a publisher.

These books require a high degree of reliability because a text published with errors can not be amended and would smear business suicide and virtual death of the author.

Currently it is common to inquire "what is being said, reviewing, commenting" on Google, Facebook and Twitter.

The contents accessible to our lack of confirmation query.

Administrators of each web page can change its content at any time and we have very different levels of training and ethics.

The linguistic root of the word own Twitter seems to warn that its contents may be mere chattering of a jerk.

If this thinking is correct, we might think that humanity is understood that the sacred "truths" are not necessary because we care about the popularity of an opinion rather than verification.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Si lo cree la mayoría, ¿es verdad?
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.943)

Having money is a symptom of being successful

Having money can be interpreted that they are doing things right. This feeling of success decreases anxiety.

- We are social animals, living in herds, in companies, in families;

- We are very dependent animals to be loved, accepted, recognized by the other members of the group to which we belong;

- Do not always have the chance to receive an adequate amount of love, either because we are not so nice as the rest of us prefer or because our ambition of love exceeds what the others are capable of loving;

- When we are convicted criminally suffer the loss of freedom imposed on us being incarcerated, but also suffer from the loss of love, sympathy, recognition;

- This loss of love for conviction caused the closure works backwards in those groups dedicated to crime, where "ticket to prison" are trophies that increase your love, appreciation and admiration of the members of the group to which they belong;

- In cases where someone does not get all the love you need the money seems to work as a very effective reliever.

This phenomenon occurs as follows:

- Someone manages to create a large fortune by the standards of wealth effect in the group of belonging;

- While displays of affection are scarce, the "rich unfriendly 'does not suffer as much as would be expected because he believes that money you got is a demonstration that deserve to be loved.

As in many moods cases rely heavily beliefs.

If someone perceives and suffers from being unpopular, rarely taken into account systematically forgotten any notice, if you have money it is entitled to think that others are wrong, they are doing things right, you have the misfortune of being a victim of misunderstanding.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Tener dinero es un síntoma de estar acertado.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.924)