viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

The emotional imbalance caused by the power

If the subordinates know that the new boss, hit for power, suffer an emotional imbalance, we may be able reduce damage.

The power delude the effect of accessing the possibilities exist. It has an effect similar to hallucinogenic drugs.

Noteworthy because while he have not ascribe marvelous powers, but when we consume we see that the effects are quite different.

One difference between imagining and own is in danger.

Indeed, when we dream we have to be very fit to manage its effects, but when we started eating it also started to see some consequences not previously envisioned.

Inflammation of the ego may be the most immediate and harmful consequence.

Between us we differ by different levels of humility, pride, respect, insolence, discipline, unhelpful.

Usually know how others will react when we see our features antisocial or compassionate, but enough that a single drop of power in our ocean emotional for all values ​​negatively altered.

The phenomenon could be described as drunken megalomaniac, ie that you can drop us a feeling of omnipotence inflamed precariously repressed by the inhibitions imposed by culture, by education, by disciplinamientos imposed by the educational system, by social censure, by the obligation that allows us to keep some friends.

However, to our collective life work, it is necessary that some people make decisions and we respect others.

It could be a solution to know what happens to those who have power to try to compensate for mismatched behaviors that could impoverish the results of their performance.

If the subordinates are warned that the new boss will suffer an emotional imbalance caused by the new dose of power, we may be able reduce damage.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El desajuste emocional provocado por el poder.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.915)

The enmity with me

Is it true that I do my best to fail, as if the underdog status was a key piece of my identity?

You may already exist but I found something yet. It may not have been achieved effectively communicate with potential customers.

I mean trading academy, a school of rhetoric, a workshop where people come together to find ingenious ways to argue with that common people like us.

- I want to develop the ability to discuss with a public official who is notoriously retaceando their best to give me a solution I deserve and that is only in your hands;

- I need to find ways of negotiating with my spouse an equitable way to divide up the tasks, concerns, economic stress, physical and emotional of our family;

- I wish I could peacefully neutralize violent methods, overly aggressive, threatening, cheats, insidious, cunning, seductive;

- Would have to find ways not to fall on his knees before some promises that I have as infinitely reliable, even when they come from people who have already shown that violate their oaths with total self-confidence;

- Precise increase my speed of response to what I should have said not happen when I lost all opportunity to say;

- You should find the formula that emotions do not play for my occasional opponent. So many times I was paralyzed, dazed, her mind blank, when he needed to avoid losing lucidity what other more voracious wanted to take, that whenever I am faced with an argument the first thing comes to my mind is that I betray, I will do everything possible to fail, as if at this point in my life was more important to keep my tradition of being a loser because that feature is essential to maintain my identity.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La enemistad conmigo.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.896)

jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013

Understanding is eating to master

When trying to understand someone trying to master it. Analyze is crumbling; understand is digest. Understanding is incorporated, is to integrate our body.

In another article (1) told verbatim:

"... Educational institutions that prepare young people to enter the labor market try to teach techniques on how to DOMINATE a trade, how to CONQUER a market, how to-WIN to customers or employees (euphemistically called Human Resource Management) . "

In this text I commented that aggression can be turned into something positive by educational and disciplinary process is to harness the militant violence that we are endowed in energy work channeled to promote the common good: surgery, surveillance, education, sports (ranging from chess to boxing).

In this process of converting destructive goals is called constructive purposes "sublimation".

But there is another lesser known form DOMINATE, CONQUER, BEAT and it also has something to do with aggression.

When someone wants to understand how something works or how someone reacts done unwittingly comparable activity to eat, digest and assimilate.

Eating is an act spurred by the aggressiveness that causes hunger. Although we do not usually understand as aggressive if we think about it we can understand this. Our teeth are designed to break, split, tear, shred and, needless to say that any food we eat is of biological origin and at some point lost his life so that we ingest.

The intellectual act of understanding is strikingly similar to eating. To know is to turn anything into something proper, something ignored in something known, something outside of something inside.

When trying to understand someone trying to dominate, govern as supposedly govern our own body. Analyze is crumbling; understand is digest. Understanding is incorporated, is to integrate our body.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Comprender es comer para dominar.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.914)

The prohibitions stimulate

Stimulate Prohibitions and authorized transgression becomes indifferent, but transgress only those who have a desire abundant, plentiful.

When the mother, or whoever is sometimes also sanitizes the small caressing her skin and in doing so stimulates the eroticized, the libidiniza, makes erogenous zone, ie body area particularly suitable to stimulate desire and exchanges sex.

Therefore, in these early experiences in the outside world, outside of the uterus, the pregnancy continues.

Anyone who owns a body suitable for love is more likely to lead fulfilling lives than others. The epidermal insensitivity is critical of apathy, disinterest by others, by sexuality.

Sexuality is the most important function because it depends on the willingness to care, feed and reproduce.

Our cultures make curious treatment of such an important role for individual life and species: the repressed, adds prohibitions, taboos, mysteries, threats.

Something that could explain this is the following hypothesis I propose in this article:

When companies engaged in electric power generation decided to build a dam (1) to collect water from a river, not build anywhere: choose those waterways to ensure abundant and continuous flow.

A dam is a wall that stops a water artificially to increase the energy that moves the turbines that generate electricity. A small flow nor move.

My hypothesis is that cultures repressed sexuality just to increase your energy, so that humans reproduce more, take better care.

This also explains why everything is more tempting forbidden. Stimulate Prohibitions and authorized transgression becomes indifferent.

Mind you, transgress only those with a desire abundant, plentiful.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La prohibiciones estimulan.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.895)

miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

We asked who defend our desire

When we doubt whether to make it as enjoyable or more convenient, we consulted who surely will recommend pleasant.

The precautions we take to make mistakes are wise, intelligent, neat, almost infallible.

I repeat: the precautions we take to make mistakes, not to hit, to avoid doing the right thing, are mostly effective, except that we have bad luck and end up doing things right.

What usually happens is that we broke some conflict in our mind that we doubted whether we will do what we like or do what is best for us.

It happens that everyone thinks you should do what is rationally correct but when you happen to be rational by all means avoid the inconveniences that could arise.

The rationale is that thinking culture, which custom has established as the 'ought', the morally right, what we defend those who have more power, such as doctors, priests, rulers.

What we like is what is suggested by instinct, by our true essence, by the natural functioning of our body, the emotions they love us.

The conflict is ultimately the ongoing struggle between the repressive culture and libertarian desire, between what others like and what we like personally, from what we have to obey your commands that govern our lives and what we have according to obey the mandates of the Nature that governs our lives whenever possible, provided that manages to escape from attempts to dominate others, take advantage, exploit.

In this struggle trying to "get right with God and the Devil", but if we decided to consult others' opinions will be sure that we will recommend what we like and did the best we try to avoid.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Consultamos a quien defienda nuestro deseo.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.913)