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I do not gonna happen

This article commented some hypotheses as to why you, me and the rest of the people, I enjoyed the schadenfreude.

The inexhaustible inequality is an inexhaustible source of news.

Inequality causes attraction for several reasons:

1) Because we excite envy, while some are better than us;

2) Because we are glad to know that others are worse, by that "many bad consolation of fools" and also because we are happy to know that provoke envy;

3) Because we are glad to know that others are worse, by that «See neighbor whiskers burn themselves and put to soak
», ie with the misfortune of others can take precautions;

4) For through identification we feel that the other is "equal" to us, but it is the pain that makes us the misfortune seems perfectly tolerable. Then the misfortune gives us an experience of insensitivity, fortitude, stoicism.

This attitude is present from early childhood. Children enjoy watching others cry because they are punished and, as far as can collaborate denouncing the friends to enjoy the spectacle of grumbling and beatings siblings or playmates.

In short: you, me and the rest of the people, we enjoy schadenfreude, provided they do not are prejudiced. If you do not know these human characteristics were exposed to participate in wrong and communicate with false innuendo links.

I think it's useful to know how nice and ugly, of ourselves and of others. Although bitter pills are unpleasant for everyone, suffer worse losses generated ignorance or naivete.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): A mí no me va a pasar.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.198)

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