viernes, 20 de diciembre de 2013

A fair trial is impossible

When we try to judge objectively and weighting only compare the object or person judged by our own idealized image.

Let's assume we all want to be balanced, fair, weighted, moderate, fair, even-handed, fair, reasonable, righteous, neutral, objective.

We all want to be balanced, etc., But can we? Is our nature allows us to have that feature?

My answer is no, that is: Human beings can not be balanced, etc..

What basis do I be so pessimistic? I base this on the following reasoning:

To make a judgment is necessary to evaluate the data for and against the object or person on trial.

The survival instinct that governs us distorts our ability to assess hazards and overestimates it almost ignores the non-dangerous.

In other words, when we try to weigh two data, one in favor and one against, although both weigh one gram our intellect understand how dangerous it weighs a kilo and that no dangerous weighs nothing.

We are unable to judge balance because all quantitative evaluations end altered by its qualitative features.

The poor intellect tends to assume, with excessive optimism, we can be objective, neutral, reasonable, but no, we can not.

Nature built us installing them conservation mechanisms of the individual and the species that ignore the ideas and opinions that we have. Nature is like a bullet train, where passengers can do and think what they want without thereby stopping the vehicle, change your address or do not reach the scheduled destination.

When we criticize or judge others only imagine to be objective, balanced and fair. When we try to judge objectively and weighting only compare the object or person judged by our own idealized image, not with our own real image.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Un juicio justo es imposible.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.117)

Sexual repression, and poverty doubt

Sexual repression creates doubt, which replaces the entry and exit of the penis, creating an inaction that prevents produce.

For some reason I do not know, or will know, poverty causes me pain of others. Fortunately I have enough to live decently, but I hurt material deprivation in children, women and men (in that order).

The cult of poverty preaching Christian religions seems grim, cruel, hypocritical. The promise in the past to exploit the riches few who despise the poor and gullible, seems like a big scam that exceeds our visual field so we do not see directly, but we have to infer.

In addition to the explicit and dogmatic preaching against the material well-being, (religious or not) policies that repress sexuality cause, in many people, an emotional state that prevents them from producing what they need to live on.

In other words, sexual repression breeds poverty.

The reasoning behind this assertion is not from the economy, as I mentioned, for centuries unsuccessfully fighting against poverty. Let me put forth a psychoanalytic logic reasoning, ie irrational, unconscious native.

The sexual instinct is expressed in and out of the erect genital, mouth or anus of another person penis. This other person exercises his sexual instinct in and out of an erect penis, vagina, mouth or anus.

The prohibition, repression, outlawing perform this input and output as would be natural, causes many people to perform the same movement but by the exercise of the doubt. Their minds, sexually inhibited, question: if - not now - then - I 'm staying, I do, I do.

In short, the doubt, which replaces the entry and exit of the penis, producing stun doubt, blocking the action.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Represión sexual, duda y pobreza.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.099)

jueves, 19 de diciembre de 2013

Blindness to a wealth of nuances

When we admit that there are more than two sexes begin to perceive the infinite nuances of reality around us.

If I say that Roberto enjoy eating roast beef with plenty of mint oil, maybe you sketch a smile, when I say that Roberto tango dances very well, it may not make any gestures, but if you add that makes a living doing exhibitions couples dance with your brother, maybe you feel an extra heartbeat. If now will add that in his private life with his wife usually... you may suppose some evil, alien, abnormal, unhealthy mentally and morally reprehensible practices.

For several centuries we are subjected to a binary, polar, mental functioning of two elements: the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the healthy and the unhealthy.

Although it might be thought that this straightforward to intellectualize how reality is owed to René Descartes, who made ​​us believe that we are the sum of body and soul, I suggest to think that the cause is prior and more important: I mean the man duality - woman.

I admit that sounds exaggerated, but our brain tends to think that all things can be grouped into only two poles, options, categories. This drastically limiting our judgment and valuation is caused because we believe that there are only two sexes. I say more: we believe that they should only be two sexes and no more.

As humanity grows and develops 're realizing that there are various sexes. For now it is possible to speak of: man, woman, transsexual, transgender, transvestite, intersex and queer.

In addition to this particular fact, I want to emphasize the following hypothesis: if we admit the existence of various sexes would begin to perceive the vastness of nuances that have the reality around us.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Ceguera ante la nmensidad de matices.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.116)

The educational system configures future workers

The educational system of each country determines, in students, to what stimuli they respond when they become workers.

If we listen to what they say, job seekers have the impression that employers are bad people, exploiters, slave, abusive, greedy, excessively demanding, and similar adjectives.

If we listen to what they say, those seeking workers, we have the impression that these are bad people, lazy, pretentious, they want to charge a lot and do nothing, living missing without notice, to get drunk on Fridays so that even the Monday present sober, who refuse to train, they are encouraged by the unionists to lower productivity, and similar adjectives.

Correspond to abstain from taking a position because, from their point of view, they are both right and they are wrong also. What is certain is that both have different interests, but lack sufficient curiosity to find out whether or not the other party has a point.

Arguably study centers are the appropriate preamble for a given job future.

Those who study where the ruling regime is that of rewards and punishments, they will be mentally ready to perform in workplaces where the predominant regime is also the rewards and punishments.

By contrast, those who study where stimuli predominate, and penalties are a rare exception, will be mentally ready to work in workplaces where the ruling regime is also to stimulate, encourage, challenge, help, help.

In other words, the educational system determines what types of stimuli to the future workers will have a satisfactory answer.

Citizens often do not realize how they are treated as generation after generation, have received the same teaching techniques and assume that those are the only ones available. So the student - labor regime will tend to perpetuate itself.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  El sistema educativo configura a los futuros trabajadores.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.098)

miércoles, 18 de diciembre de 2013

Popularity, jealousy and poverty

Why, when someone needs to be 'popular', you must: celar the spouse being unfaithful and earn little money.

Most loves most. Popularity is a desired condition, valued. We would like to be members of a large family in which our brothers protect us, give us their love, help us.

Because families are often much smaller than we would like, try to enlarge building matrimonial, commercial, political, religious, professional, trade union links.

This desire forces us to match us, try not to stand out, to avoid innovation, creativity.

To be surrounded by people who love us, we can not be either competitive or individualistic, nor original, nor extravagant. We have to be like everyone else and do what others do.

This is how we ended up increasing our tranquility and decreasing profitability. If not excel, do what everyone else does, we split the usefulness of this unique activity among more people.

From here we can draw a conclusion: a lower return in popularity.

Popularity not only imposes a lower return but, to avoid envy, will point directly to perform any task that keeps us poor profitability, to the envy of others does not undermine the emotional, social, family relationship, we need to conserve.

La, just mentioned, envy is such a popular feeling as jealousy.

To feel that multitudinous family members, we must possess desires and tastes similar to others. Our desires and preferences must be common to the rest of our group.

Jealousy appears when, to feel better integrated into the great family, need to feel that others would enjoy and love our spouse. Worse still, we have this 'popular' sentiment because, if we were honest, we would recognize that it would increase our popularity also if we possessed a neighbor's wife.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Popularidad, celos y pobreza.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.097)

martes, 17 de diciembre de 2013

Every question includes its response

According to some beliefs, the whole question is associated with its corresponding answer. With some insight is possible to discover the response.

Some people say, and they may be right, that each question carries its own answer.

Arguably another way: it would be possible to ask a question if there was a chance of some response.

We could also think so: the anguish of uncertainty is composed of two parts: one visible and one invisible. Either side, as I say, are one thing which we call anxiety, uncertainty, doubt, worry.

This unique item only shows one side and the other hidden. Sample question and hides the reply.

Since, according to this belief, there is no question but your answer, we can say that in formulating the question are showing that there is a response momentarily ignored.

When we ask the question to a friend, a coach, a soothsayer, we would be making a mistake because, so I just said, the question is the known part of a distressing uncertainty and, therefore, who knows the question is the only person inside the reply.

However, anything can happen.

For those who are in contact with children and observe how expontáneos are transparent. It is hard not to notice what their intentions are. A minimally experiementado adult can anticipate what he will say a little.

As adults we are a little children, especially when something bothers us, weakens us infantilized, and as some people are more perceptive than others, it is possible to find adults who achieve interpret the gestures of someone with the same ease as any of us can anticipate what will say or do a little.

In short, if we can trust our insight, maybe we can figure out some answers on the question.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Toda pregunta incluye su respuesta.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.114)

Nomadic offices

The mobility of the service sector is allowed because the smart phones work like an office where there will work.

In our species some are nomadic and others are sedentary. Some move almost continuously, and others always live in the same place.

Humans are a particularly vulnerable species, linger many years to adult self-sustaining. but we're well compensated by a high adaptive capacity. Most species inhabit only certain areas of the planet we inhabit in almost anyone.

In Hispanic cultures have had a strong tendency to definitely settle somewhere and we also like to own land exclusively. The dream of homeownership is a widespread feature.

However, the home fijedad is giving way to a progressive nomadism and the dream of home ownership now starts to look like the option of spending a lifetime paying a mortgage.

Economists identify three economic sectors: the primary. dedicated to agricultural production. the secondary. dedicated to the industry and the tertiary, dedicated to providing services.

Both primary and secondary can be exercised only under a sedentary lifestyle. Farmers and industrial establishments possess property. However, the service sector is less dependent on a fixed location.

Gradually. agricultural entrepreneurs and industrialists are becoming less because it is a common practice merging into large multinational corporations. By contrast. the services sector works very well organized in small businesses. which comprise fewer workers. not one-person rule. in which each individual is their own business.

Workers in the service sector. thanks to the benefits of smart-mobile phones can now move his office where slopes and migrate to find work.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Las oficinas nómadas.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.096)

lunes, 16 de diciembre de 2013

Only a few are allowed to innovate

In 2013, a small country (Uruguay), legalized abortion and responsible consumption of marijuana. Many are upset.

Perhaps not bother us much to large countries cause major technological, social, economic progress, but note with some suspicion that small countries draw attention for their accomplishments.

Some might think that is the envy which leads us to despise the achievements to reach small and to some extent may be true. However there may be other reasons.

For example, we have problems that any fact contradicts our beliefs. If tomorrow were to conclude that homeopathy is more effective than traditional medicine, surely we would fall pretty bad news because we are convinced that the only truly reliable technique is curative medicine.

If tomorrow were to conclude that philosophy is the only one that has had real success in the distributive justice of wealth, no one as philosophers have been able to find ways to eliminate poverty, we would surely fall pretty bad news because we are convinced that the only science can solve the economic problems is the Economy.

There would be more cases like that. In other words, we do not accept the facts violate principles our deepest beliefs, those that are true pillars of the psyche.

I dread to think what would happen if at some point someone furnish indisputable evidence that God does not exist. Not only the Vatican should close their doors but believers are up in arms against whom have contributed enraged that evidence.

So could someone atheists furnish indisputable evidence that God exists.

In 2013, a small country called Uruguay, decriminalized abortion and responsible consumption of marijuana. Many are angry disgruntled.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Solo algunos tienen autorización para innovar.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.113)

We charge what we pay them

Our suppliers are not satisfied with earning the bare minimum but try to charge the most you are willing to pay.

I buy most of the food in a small shop in my neighborhood. Not that I have better deals than the big supermarkets, but I offer a special deal : they know my name, some of my obsessions and hobbies, some of my predilections and left me know which bothered some customers.

Apparently, some do not care and pay your credit debts with abusive irregularity. More precisely, some have abandoned your customers leaving a hefty unpaid debt.

When the merchant began to tell this detail of his life something put me on alert.

As often happen to people who are enthusiastic about telling a story, stopped paying attention to my reactions as interlocutor.

I'm sure my face must have changed expression and even color : o I turned pale or blushed. But Mr. Fulano continued telling me that left an unpaid debt so much that Fulana left an unpaid debt of both, and so with several people in the neighborhood.

When my discomfort over the issue rose too had to interrupt him to say, "You and I know that these unpaid debts ended up paying them who buy every day paying with cash. To fall back almost certainly are increasing the prices of the goods that you buy good payers".

The man reacted like electrocuted, but his nobility and shame forced to acknowledge that indeed he was confessing to a victim (me ) how he had to sacrifice a bit by charging more to recover what others did not pay.

I telling you this same a niece, said, "Traders will always charge the maximum that you can pay".

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Nos cobrarán todo lo que les paguemos.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.095)

domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013

End of political stimulus to manhood

Adult males who were educated in the cult of virility homophobic today are confused.

Not so easy to know if what we want is indicated by Nature or Culture.

This is imposed so rigidly that sometimes its dictates prevail over the dictates of Nature, ie: sometimes achieves culture distort our natural way of being.

For example, it is likely that humans and we are much less interested in erotic sexuality than what we seem.

Culture is designed by humans themselves and so their rules respond to very different interests that could be nature.

For example, if humans decide to kill massively because few want to take over the land that others occupy, then humans will have to invent a procedure to recover these individuals of the species that died prematurely. If they did, the entire species would be at risk of extinction.

To artificially stimulate the generation of new units that come to replace the soldiers who died in wars invasive, most likely encouraged to demonstrate their virility men having many children.

Normally, under natural conditions, it would be necessary to demonstrate virility and is not necessary to show that breathe or digest what we eat.

Within the policy of stimulating reproduction 'm imagining, homosexuality became a religious sin, a betrayal, an embarrassment, a despicable disease. In short, as a state policy was established homophobia.

At this time ( 2013 courses ) many men, who were educated in the ideology of propaganda cult of anti - homosexual manhood are confused because stimulus policies reproduction stopped working and natural homosexuality is tolerated.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Fin del estímulo político a la virilidad.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.112)

Self-preservation and lucidity

Self preservation exasperates our clarity through pain for us to be effective in preserving life.

Although you may not believe, there are people who are not worried about money.

They have it in sufficient quantity, the amount reaching seems they have an inexhaustible source, they are not worried about if you ever fall into homelessness, or occurs to them to think about the vagaries of the global economy simply do certain tasks, meet certain obligations and peaceful enough money arrives with regularity.

For those living running after financial commitments, for whom every month suffer a certain amount of anxiety because they fail to meet without juggling scarce resources they have... or with excessive costs, impossible to abate, for all these people, I repeat, is chimerical to imagine that there are other ways to live.

Beyond what each is capable of assuming, there are people who does not have financial worries, but you have other concerns because, apparently, the concerns are a natural ingredient for the life phenomenon only stop as late as possible (1).

The concerns of those who have no economic problems are how to entertain, how to make sense of existence, how to fill the time.

Our mind is specialized in rapidly identify gaps but it is very awkward to detect everything. It is designed to capture the pain but has difficulty recording the relief.

Nature is wise: as the only thing that can jeopardize the existence usually warn their proximity provoking pain, self-preservation increases our awareness, alertness, alertness, with painful feelings, to act defensively and meet the main goal: to live.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  El instinto de conservación y la lucidez.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.094)

viernes, 13 de diciembre de 2013

The problem of pleasure watching foreign

We need to pay attention to disrupt the coexistence problem drug use or the problems of others watching pleasure.

It is said that there is a problematic use of psychoactive drugs when the consumer negatively alters their physical health (ie, the body that includes the psyche), and meeting the family, work or student commitments.

Perhaps there is also a problematic alien pleasure watching when the observer without known cause, try to hinder the welfare of others.

As you can see, I am comparing two expressions :

- Problematic use of psychoactive drugs, and
- Pleasure watching alien problem

When a citizen fails to meet the commitments they have with others, especially in respect to the rules of behavior (attention to traffic signals, perform certain tasks, taking care of the public or another person's property), we have to get his attention because we is causing problems, losses and inconvenience, but we are forced to tolerate.

However, this social need to prevent some objectively injurious behavior usually be extended by citizens who initiate contrary to the welfare of those citizens and actions that cause problems or cause loss or other problems.

The use of psychoactive drugs (alcohol, marijuana, snuff), even if it is done with discretion, sometimes causing the frightened or angry reaction of those who do not tolerate the responsible consumption.

Overall our culture is based on a constant rejection of the welfare of individuals. One is relatively tolerated at times, so institutionalized that even with almanacs contained in the red: a sure sign that those days are dangerous.

Recall that, universally, the color red is used to alert 'danger'.

Therefore, we must pay attention to disrupt the coexistence problem drug use or the problems of others watching pleasure.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  La observación problemática del placer ajeno.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.110)

Communicating requires building wit

Communication is not to say what we think but in building our idea in the head of the receiver.

This article can give them an idea to some people, but for others will be redundant.

So that you do not waste time, put the nuclear idea at first:

There is good communication when we express our thought, but when we build our interlocutor in his head the idea that we need to convey.

Some have seen these armed ships in a glass container, the mouth is too small to have been there. We know that the glass is not flexible. The beauty of the object lies mainly in imagining how the manufacturer managed to put it together in such precarious conditions.

In amusement parks usually find some kind of crane, locked in a glass box, which can be maneuvered from outside. If this job is done right, we can extract some gift that will reward us the ability, patience, wit.

When we shop online we must meet a set of steps that someday the postman delivered the package to us so that we commissioned.

In these three examples we find some form of tele-command, action at a distance, skillful, indirect embodiment, with limited control of our movements.

However, when we need to communicate with another person, appeal more to magic, telepathy, voluntarism, idealism, hope that the recipient of our message guess what we want to convey.

When the receiver is watching us, that magic is more likely detected because our mood, our gestures and captures energy expended. When we spoke on the phone the message loses all visual aids and when we communicate in writing the construction of our idea in the head of the receiver acquires the hardest difficulty.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Comunicar requiere construir con ingenio.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.092)

jueves, 12 de diciembre de 2013

Different ideas should be free

We only buy ideas that contradict our beliefs. Therefore, the alternative views are achieved not only paying them.

Almost everything you read was written by someone who has a special interest in not contradict, either because they live in what you pay or because they simply want to be loved by you.

Indeed, almost all communicators try to know what you prefer, what you refuse and, within those limits, try sending a message looking for you to clap, you add an "I like" and follow reading forever.

As we see, there is always a profit motive exists an intention to perpetuate it, leaving aside all other considerations.

When an author writes seeking your approval are faced with the paradoxical situation in which, in the end, everything you read is indirectly written by yourself. It is you who dictates what the author wants this type then, to read what he wrote, confirm that the writer and you think the same.

The situation resembles a travel agency that offers a very expensive trip to the wonderful scenery of his own face.

When you pay them, they will put a mirror in front as long as a friendly tour guide will it pointing : “!Look what beautiful eyebrows have here, the angle of the mouth is not lost; Stop for a minute enjoy this beautiful flange projecting in the left eyelid!"

The obvious question is: Why pay you to contradict me and no real news are free? Should not it be the other way around?

As the market economy, prices are regulated by supply and demand, and given that almost no one wants to alter their beliefs, almost no demand ideas that contradict it.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Las ideas diferentes deben ser gratuitas.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.109)

Envy is instinctive

We can not envy economic benefits (health, beauty, social success). These jealousies are suffered by the disturbing resemblance to distributive injustice.

We are in 2013. This year occurred in Venezuela and Argentina after first, looting stores perpetrated by ordinary citizens.

Journalists become an orgy with these so outrageous, disturbing, tragic news.

Psychologists we also become a party.

Maybe the perversity of journalists and psychologists not so bad (I'll give you encouragement?, I will want to silence my criticism?).

The events actually occurred and all would think that either professionals (journalists and psychologists) directly contributed to the chaos.

There are many things to say from psychology, but the one that seems a little novel, because hardly anyone mentions it includes us all species, not just those who participated in the vandalism.

The phrase that sums this diagnosis says: "The honest citizens steal when no reason not to."

I say otherwise "will plunder where possible”.

It follows from this assertion that human nature contains vocation seize what others are already plenty of us lack.

Therefore, humans are economically socialist in nature, except that someone prevented us with sufficient deterrent.

What we call envy is actually irritating subjective perception of being transgressing natural law: that nobody has assets of more.

Envy is, then, the sense of distributive injustice experienced by every citizen individually observing how others have greater possessions than he.

If this were true, we can not begrudge financial benefits, such as health, beauty, lot of friends. But these are experienced by jealousy simply disturbing resemblance to distributive injustice.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  La envidia es instintiva.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.091)

miércoles, 11 de diciembre de 2013

Involuntary suicide

From the point of view of determinism, suicide do not decide to kill himself but suffering a terminal illness.

Suicide is something that disturbs us greatly. I will comment on something that, as in most of my articles, I have not seen elsewhere, magazines or books. I will comment in my view, as real as any other, with the understanding that this is an almost completely unknown phenomenon.

I believe, suicide is not a voluntary act, but the fatal outcome of a terminal illness, whose death is caused by the patient, as with all non-accidental deaths.

In other words: murders, shipwrecks, earthquakes, airplane crashes are external causes for which we lose life. The terminal diseases are characterized in that the organic deterioration is progressive until the phenomenon life becomes impossible and the patient dies.

The latter category should include self-elimination. Since most of the world's population believes in free will and does not believe in determinism, has no choice but to consider that the last act of suicide is also a volunteer, is also executed in use of their free will and not admitted to it is the consequence of progressive organ impairment.

Therefore, if we accept that none of our actions is voluntary but, on the contrary, everything we influenced by varied and (mostly) unknown influencing factors,

- Not because we want to travel but because something in our lives led us to travel;

- And we are alive because we decided to be born, eat, take shelter, but because some of our existence led us to meet our basic needs;

- Suicide or are killed because they so decided.

Also, suicide attempts are comparable to heart attacks or asthma attacks.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  El suicidio involuntario.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.108)

Generalizing is good and also bad

Metonymy is a mental operation that expands us knowledge, but also leads us to erroneously generalize.

Those who know me are in agreement that I have several obsessions that keep me out of some very disturbing ideas I prefer to ignore them distracting me with these obsessions.

In this sense I'm normal: all obsessive embrace was fixed ideas to focus attention and not perceive unpleasantness.

One of my obsessions regards metonymy. This linguistic and mental phenomena is to designate an object by mentioning some of its features, or the cause or the author.

Examples: "John Doe, and has gray hair" It's a way of saying that Fulano entered old age, but mentioning this only a feature of their hair; "Jane Doe was affected by excess sun", instead of saying which was affected by excessive solar radiation; "Mengano bought a Picasso" instead of saying you bought a four painted by that artist.

This way of functioning of our brain may be valuable because it allows us to extend our knowledge from unique experiences. For example, if you stumbled upon a stone, by metonymy thought all the stones could make us fall and thus learning through experience is enhanced.

When metonymy can become a performance counter? When, for lack of knowledge, generalize indiscriminately. For example, not all stones will cause our downfall but those that are in our way, we have not seen further, which protrude enough.

During our childhood and adolescence receive much information generating metonymy because we lack sufficient knowledge: if our father scolds us, we ceased to love us forever, if a girl rejects us, we will never have children, if we are poor, always will be.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Generalizar es bueno y también es malo.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.090)

martes, 10 de diciembre de 2013

Animals in law

Violence against women is a consequence of their inability to legal abortion.

It is very difficult to do justice in a group characterized by inconsistency between the house rules (law) and the laws of nature.

When nature imposes on human instinct and culture legislation against them, we face a flagrant violation. Cultural law naturally becomes illegal.

Force majeure imposed on us that these imbalances have existed, exist and are doing everything possible to never cease to exist.

It seems that all the rules that prohibit physical harm (injury, mutilation, death), a fellow have the endorsement of nature in terms of legislation that supports the conservation of the species and the individual.

However the rules on private property validate a conflict that has nature herself : individuals want to have the right to be masters of all we need but do not respect the same right in others.

The most dramatic case is that of a pregnant woman who wants abortion : some philosophical currents, composed of people (predominantly male) who love their right to private property, apply their political power to these women do not make use of natural law you should have on your own body.

But the brutal cancellation of such a fundamental right has other consequences.

The violence inflicted on women because the society, they can prohibit abortion are lacking respect, is becoming the second-class human beings, animals for breeding.

Who are the abusers, batterers and rapists that we pursue and punish? Those which, like moralists therein are not to persons but to manoseables, punishable, fornicables animals.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Animales según la ley.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.107)

Resistance to pain and anxiety

The high resistance to physical pain is frequently weakened by a low tolerance for anxiety and frustration.

We all do the best we can with the resources at our disposal.

For example, if a group of people have more resistance to physical pain patience to convince voters that they are the best option, will be devoted to taking power by force, be revolutionary, they will try to come to power by using arms and not by popular vote.

Those who opt for armed struggle need to have high resistance to physical pain because, as a rule, must live in hiding, suffering tremendous hardship and deprivation, but especially one who falls into the hands of the army that protects democratic institutions I want to destroy the rebels, will be subjected to terrible tortures, inclusive, may cause death.

This resistance to pain and torture are part of an exclusive profile (compulsory), because the motives of torture are two: extracting information that allows the Army formally capture the rest of the insurgents and as punishment for intent to kill the military government.

This second condition, the cruel punishment to be captured, also has cause for justification, between those who want to take power using military methodology, a drastic selection very difficult to achieve.

Since few people that has such high resistance to physical pain, it is very unlikely that they will join a number of fighters willing to suffer the likely punishment.

Observe also that physical strength (resistance to pain), demonstrating the guerrillas is compensated by the psychic weakness (anxiety, low frustration tolerance), preventing them face the slow, uncertain and frustrating electoral process.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Resistencia al dolor y a la ansiedad.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.089)

lunes, 9 de diciembre de 2013

Jealousy by infidelity own

Staying sexually faithful and often frustrating to alleviate this frustration, some accuse the other of infidelity.

The issues related to marital fidelity are always controversial and it is nice that way.

As I commented in another article (1), mathematics is odious because they prevent the controversy, ie, prevent some responsibilities are in the nebula. Everything ends up being quantitative accuser because it is possible to measure the actions, intentions, preferences, while quantitative, the non mathematician, is controversial and therefore more vague and less accusatory.

The issues related to marital fidelity are always controversial because most jealous spouses, ultimately, are accusing the other misdemeanors they did not commit.

The fury of a jealous person is usually caused by their own fantasies of infidelity:

Jorge would be unfaithful to your wife because you want to make love to a co-worker who tries to seduce him, but as not encouraged to be unfaithful is mortified, suffering, anguish and writhes, for relief, accuse Leticia that most likely is in an affair with the cousin.

The dose of soothing sometimes has to be very high. As someone has to eat three aspirin to soothe a headache, because with him misses, needs to fall in with Leticia inconsiderate abuse because a mere mention of distrust is not enough.

In this state of things, Leticia understands nothing. At first anguish over the attitude of George, speaking with friends, loves him but he is getting unbearable, it is reassuring man of one wife, in that you can be quiet. To calm down, imagine that jealousy is proof of love and he fits the assaults... because it is sexually frustrated.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Los celos por la propia infidelidad.

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Poverty is a refuge

Money is an irritant quantifier. So many people took refuge in poverty.

For many people money is hateful, unfriendly, unpleasant because, like it or not, causes a quantification of our existence.

Quantification bothers us money possibly similar to the discomfort we feel when we have to study mathematics: geometry, arithmetic, calculus, trigonometry, algebra, equations, conversions of measurement units.

All humanity rejects study something as quantifier as mathematics.

In addition to reminding the difficulties caused by the mathematical, quantitative reminds us all the laws regulating the affairs

Civil, ie on the rights and obligations of persons, their property, inheritances ;

Penalties, which regulate how states can punish citizens.

When we imagine how much happier we would be doing our will, then we have the rules of coexistence and repressive officials (police, military, judges, prison guards), which cut us that freedom and corresponding imaginary happiness.

Quantitative aspects of existence are opposed to qualitative, whose main feature is that it can not be measured, which are debatable, everyone can evaluate them as you want and even change their own assessment over time (years and to hours).

Qualitative assessments are never coercive or coldly reasonable or obsessively consistent: they are free, capricious, arbitrary, chaotic, anarchic, lacking penalties.

Money is a murderer of almost anything because almost anything can be replaced by money. Worse, some people can be bought and sold, which we face the tragedy that some things seem like objects machines without will, without morals, without feelings, dehumanized.

Here are some reasons why so many people took refuge in poverty.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  La pobreza es un refugio.

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domingo, 8 de diciembre de 2013

The prohibition of incest is exceptional

The prohibition of incest is an exception to the rule that bans are counterproductive.

In another article (1) I commented that violence is as cheap as inefficient.

Today I add: it is inefficient to achieve the objectives that directly seems intent but is very efficient to generate the opposite phenomena.

The following occurs:

Humans have free will want to feel powerful, not to feel responsible and above all to feel different from other living beings who want or need to feel superior.

With this universal fantasy in our minds for centuries we are using violence to thwart the designs of nature until, after a few millennia failing, we ask: Is it smart to continue to use violence to prevent it from happening what bothers us?

I dream that life will have to see any of these changes to persuasion, education, convenience, progressive abandonment of repression, threats, punishments.

This mystical distortion in my rational brain is encouraged that the computer can actually achieve organizational systems and management of coexistence that are adapted to what we really are and not as before we apply violence to be human beings who we adapt by force systems as if they were perfect

All would think that if we remove the ban on abortion in civilized conditions who wish to do so, the amount of decrease unwanted pregnancies, number of abortions and also the death of women decrease.

Everything would indicate that, if we remove the ban on the sale and consumption of psychoactive substances (cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines), the insane corruption generated by the drug decrease.

Abundant global population indicates that the prohibition of incest is among the few prohibitions that are healthy stimulant.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  La prohibición del incesto es excepcional.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.105)

The rise of psychopathy in times of crisis

Psychopathy is typical of many "normal" humans but becomes problematic in times of economic crisis.

The human brain may be the only one who suffers from uncertainty. To offset this detrimental feature, perhaps the only thing you can believe in God.

Son 'action and re- action' complementary: first they suffer with uncertainty and then create the existence of God to relieve the resulting anxiety.

In the field of mental health, first note that some people do unusual things that inspire fear, reassure went looking for explanations, science saturates us with data, statistics, theories, opinions, but if someone comes just a little further, discover, full of dread, that science is not sure of anything.

All that remains then is to cling to an illusion, a fantasy that really helps us. Religions provide the company of other equally distressed believers and together we comfort ourselves, give us courage and to forget about the problems.

Many people are suffering a deep economic crisis for several years.

In times like this anguish and despair become fertile ground for the emergence with its peak our customers, competitors, bosses and co- psychopaths work.

Of course science will tell us that psychopathy is a personality disorder that is manifested by a loss of scruples and religions tell us that they are "sheep that God puts in our way to test us", but what about a stalker with a brilliant manipulator, compared to a competitor that does not recognize the risks, a co-worker who only respects their personal codes?

What we do with them is the same as we do with any other adverse natural phenomenon : take shelter to survive it.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  El auge de las psicopatías en tiempos de crisis.

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sábado, 7 de diciembre de 2013

Worth and how much they love me

The differences in the value of objects that evoke distress us our doubts about our worth to others.

Imagine that someone asks the price of a certain object. When the seller answers the question the person says: "It's too expensive” to what the seller replied: "Nobody sells cheaper than me!”

This simple dialogue is not as simple because if you do not add more data, we were unsure what the real situation.

When a buyer says that the object of interest is too expensive, can mean:

- The money available is not enough to pay for it;

- That the same object can be achieved for less money with another provider;

- That lying by saying it's too expensive just to get truth lies, ie, for the seller, you are not sure that your offer is really competitive, make unfair cuts that will harm and benefit the buyer trying to deceive;

- The buyer never knew the value of a similar purpose and, thinking aloud, recognizes that not imagined it to be so expensive;

- That, as there are several qualities of the same object, it is logical that some are more expensive than others, and the buyer, saying that this is too expensive, meaning that you are prefer to buy a cheaper option.

If you are still reading, you should know that the analysis of these alternatives is boring for almost everyone and intellectual lethargy that causes us to have many difficulties in managing money.

We bored because our mind rejects these alternatives both remind us our main reason for anxiety: How much we are worth to others? Are we allowed ( we buy ) or leave us ?

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Cuánto valgo y cuánto me aman.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.086)

viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2013

Monogamy and psychological castration

Compulsory monogamy assures, to the dominant mother and daughter also submitted a psychologically castrated male.

Anyone (much less a woman) knows what a woman. Desire that moves is unknown.

As this is distressing, a majority goes running to find simplifications that clog the dizzy hole of uncertainty. The classic cap to this question is: A woman is a mother.

This response can be used for a while. When the child begins to have life woman returns to someone who knows what he wants. As none knows what she wants, then it is possible to say that it can not be found... let alone another woman.

A mentally healthy woman accepts these discomforts. Enters and exits the maternal stage without generating a shock in their environment, but when this woman is not as mentally healthy start to generate a (social, family) turbulence in their environment, which seems very natural until she disappears and the remaining perceive that there is lighter than before.

In agriculture, having seeds having subordinates earth. Due to the current genetic manipulation, landlords rely on laboratories.

Meanwhile, the stallion govern is to rule women.

The son of a domineering mother (ie, mentally not very healthy), surely will be educated with great rigor and work like a slave obedient because she administer its existence until death do you part.

Of course the incest prohibition will cause some difficulty to this son owns. The mother will have to find a way for a woman, preferably chosen for her to become the wife of the man.

Compulsory monogamy ensures the domineering mother and wife a submissive male, psychologically castrated.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Monogamia y castración psicológica.

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