sábado, 24 de mayo de 2014

Having a child and plant a tree

This proposal is not rational, but human beings are not rational. The idea is that the rulers try to become a forest of trees, to exploit our fruits.

"What outrage !" Education experts claim. "How can anyone be so opine on only we know!"

Yes, it may be true, but a few can know everything about the organization and implementation of public education, but unfortunately have not been able to prove the facts, it is almost impossible to find countries where there is conformity on that topic.

Currently (May 2014) is fashionable to think that the Scandinavian countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark) are the best examples, but perhaps not a great merit to be slightly better than the worst.

I unaccommodating in the sheaf of thugs who speak without knowing, I propose the idea that they can hear in the video, native of psychoanalysis, with that unmistakable ethnic issue delusional, irrational, poetic, incoherent... but...

In short my proposal reduces to think that humans, in the depths of our psyche, where they do not reach consciousness (the unconscious), we feel that we humans are alike Trees societies seem to forest.

If so, the political administration of popular education have logging features, in such a way that the rulers, who implement the curriculum addressed, to benefit, to perpetuate himself in power, form us as to their privileges whether large, lifelong and inheritable.

If we were in their place, any of us would do well and if we are not aware that we are selfishly exploiting fellow citizens, feel less guilt and responsibility, but in fact, as we all can see, in each of our countries have names associated with the rulers, the powerful, big business, which are repeated over several generations.

The preposterous nonsense is summarized in any educational system that generates free, smart and well developed, emotionally and intellectually citizens, because we are taught to be almost obligatory vegetables, almost motionless not to try to migrate to other socioeconomic classes, meeting in a forest for us help each other.

The good news is that the powerful designing educational plans pulp do with our bodies but only leverage our fruits.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Tener un hijo y plantar un arbol
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.202)

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