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Depression and God

Drugs that improve depression probably sweeten rebellion, arrogance moderate, tame the chemically depressed.

Nobody knows what depression is. Just know your symptoms: decay, pessimism, apathy, indifference, sadness, emotional pain, guilt.

Medicine believes that there are some substances (neurotransmitters) in the brain whose deficit is causing this mood disorder. Psychoanalysis believes that poor resolution of the oedipal conflict could be one reason, among others.

Without having more certainty than others, propose an explanatory hypothesis, not only for those who depend on the academic, famous, prestigious Reviews. I propose an idea for you (if it respects his own opinion) is evaluated.

What may happen is that some people (with depression) have strong difficulties to be humble, to assume that others give them orders, others have more (money, prestige, sons, wisdom, health) than them.

The depressed is a search engine that govern heads, which impose an insurmountable limit to their desires, their frustrated desire to do everything.

The depressed may be someone who needs to be on debt because, to some extent, the pressure imposed by creditors gives you some peace, even at the cost of having to pay a lot of money for interest, penalties and surcharges.

The ideal boss is a depressed God. This is a character whose existence many may believe, and that is the height of arrogance of depressed. God is an authority that has everything in infinite form: goodness, power, knowledge.

In short, perhaps the difficulty is caused depressed because it fails to submit, or natural laws (which to some extent neglected because considered suitable only for animals), or social laws (which obey under protest, because his chivalry prevents you from being delinquent), or the orders of their bosses or occasional customers, (because they are worth too little to merit humans give orders).

Drugs that improve depression probably sweeten their rebellion, moderate their bragging, domesticate it chemically.

Nota: O texto original em espanhol (sem tradução do Google): La depresión y Dios.
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