domingo, 18 de mayo de 2014

The anguish of office

All human we get nervous when we come into contact with a similar, especially if it is unknown and met alone and in an enclosed area.

Living things we pay attention. Perhaps all that moves us stressed, even minimally.

Of course not all living things concern us in the same way: it is not a fly a spider, the favorite nephew a traffic inspector, the flight of a powered by a gentle breeze curtain unexpected flicker of a servant embalmed.

When such care, stress or anxiety are presented in small doses, may not come to perceive them, but when they start to climb initiated a series of actions that attempt to control it.

Except cinematic heroes, all suffer some kind of trouble. Precisely these characters in a novel called our attention because they support what any viewer would hold no rush.

In the video I tell them what happens with hairdressers who talk about any topic with your client, by the mere fact of being so close to him, touching him, cutting his hair. This situation is stressful for both, but for some reason who suffers most is the one that takes responsibility for something that cut then take long to grow. The client gets very tense when the barber goes the knife by the neck, but prefer not to talk or move to avoid a self- decapitation.

The most sophisticated case is the clinician. This uses the unusual habit of taking you blood pressure for each patient. Such a protocol, I believe, is only intended to take the consulting arm to infantilizarlo, degrade, submit as many times do the directors of a school with restless children.

In short, we all get a little nervous when we bond with someone, especially if it is in an enclosed such as hairdressers and clinics instead.

Dentists are a separate chapter because they are so terrifying that never need to subject their patients but, on the contrary, have to encourage them to please sit on the couch and open their mouths.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La angustia de consultorio.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.219)

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