lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013

Why listen distractedly

It's easy to talk and communicate to hear and understand. Psychoanalysts specialize in hearing and understanding ... without attention.

Quino is a great comedian, often left us speechless because only expressed graphically, without using words.

With a sequence of two scenes (image), "understand" that a lady asks his employee to restore order in a room and this, not just put everything in place, but also relocated to the chaotic images of famous painting Picasso, titled 'Guernica'.

This gives me to think two things:

1) it is more difficult to hear, understand that talk-communicate, and

2) That this difficulty hearing, understanding causes many more people engaged in talk, communicate and so few engage in hear-understand.

Precisely, this difficulty (hearing-understanding) is what few psychoanalysts try to overcome, with many years of study and, above all, personal analysis.

Technically, the psychoanalyst must deploy a floating attention, that is, slightly scattered, as if distracted. I would not do it right if you pay obsessive attention to the sayings of the patient.

This characteristic of psychoanalytic listening brings me back to Pablo Picasso. Apparently, some time, he said, "I do not seek, I find."

As I mentioned a few times, it is not important who said it nor what was meant. What matters is what we think the stimulus that triggers that phrase.

In this case we could say that the "floating attention", the "concentration distracted" is a serene state of consciousness with which we can be aware of everything that happens. With her serve all around us.

In this state, we are not looking for anything in particular, but we are prepared to find anything that might interest us.

So the psychoanalyst listens distractedly.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Por qué escuchar distraídamente.

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Entrepreneurs love

Successful entrepreneurs have for their customers a similar attitude to having a woman in love with her ​​family.

Imagine a woman in love with her ​​husband (Mariana) and their children.

She is happy and proud to live with who chose to be the father of her children and the man feels a king ... king feels that when he lived with his parents, even if the mother did her best to entertain him, to be comfortable and perhaps deep down, that are never out of the house.

However, the body of Mariana felt he was the best example for gestarle children healthy and beautiful. So he loved it, because I needed to consummate the only major project that has any living: conserve the species to which it belongs.

As usual, the body of any man, attracted to a woman in need and therefore loves him and seduces him so, forgot how good it was living in the house where he was born and ran off to live with the woman who made ​​him feel the king of creation.

In this state of things, he never tired of working so that your family does not lack anything and Mariana lives thinking how would be the best way for everyone to have what they need and what they want.

Well, this is Mariana attitude they have and develop successful entrepreneurs.

They love their work, love to serve, they will do anything to please more and more customers.

Both Mariana and entrepreneurs who love their craft, they do everything they do because they, in turn, want to be always well and make up the biggest problems, can be solved.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Los empresarios enamorados.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.018)

domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013

Miraculous Biology

If we become aware of the phenomenon depends on many factors life, every birthday celebrated a continuity that seems miraculous.

Fortunately, all my fellow species, I may think that the day of my birth the planet "began" to spin around the sun.

Although he was already doing that route for millennia, I can think, and no one contradicted that the day I was born, it all started.

Of course, this is my point of view because, look at something we all happens: we are always in the center of the reality that we perceive. In our perception, the events occurring around us.

So today, September 29, 2013, many relatives, friends and acquaintances greet me and I can dream that we are commemorating the 69th time that the Earth passed through the same place ... since I was born, of course. In the end, I must admit that happened thousands or millions of times for the same place, but for me in particular, just passed 69 times, because they are the years that I meet.

The fact that it is our custom to commemorate birthdays referring to something as huge and eternal as is the ring of the Earth around the Sun, it is still a fact illusory, slightly arrogant, but inevitably pleasurable.

We can not ignore that the term "birthday" deliberately avoids thinking about the other expression, that it could mean "have come alive until today."

Have preserved life as the planet gave 69 laps around the sun, it is fortunate that deserves celebrated.

I understand those who prefer not to know much about anatomical and physiology because, as one finding is how we operate, we have to recognize that it is almost a miracle that everything works well and that life is conserved phenomenon.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La biología milagrosa.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.036)

Similarity between production and digestion

We have so many difficulties to earn and manage money, because this produces such disgust as fecal droppings.

Consider the following comparison between two similar irrational phenomena.

But: remember that in order to understand something of ourselves we have to put down any attempt to imagine logical, coherent, reasonable. We need to accept that our desires, intentions, aspirations are, at the bottom (ie, in the unconscious ), irrational.

1) A person receives food, chews, swallows, digests it. Nutrients are integrated into the body to replenish energy consumed while we are alive, and the rest, which has no nutrients, is discharged as fecal droppings.

2) A person receives materials (clay, for example), it works with his hands, building useful items (plates, vases, pots, for example), sold and money.

Now we have to make an effort of imagination to integrate these two acts (eating and making).

The conclusion to substantiate says intend, fecal droppings and money are unconsciously associated.

A good foundation to legitimize this similarity is that the processes 1) and 2) above, are so similar that one could be another metaphor. For example, you could say that food processing is a " digestive work." We could also observe that the craftsman builds the vessels, such as digestive and stool built at the end of the two processes, the body 'lost' feces and the craftsman 'lost' the vessels (the sale).

The difficulty in describing and understanding this phenomenon may be an indication of why we have such difficulty in making and managing money : we produce grossed out as excrement.

Worse, the potter makes and loves what we nostalgically our stools always look before they disappear down the toilet.

Nota: O texto original em espanhol (sem tradução do Google): Semejanza entre producción y digestión.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.017)

sábado, 28 de septiembre de 2013

Money is a frightening mystery

Since money is a commodity that can be exchanged for any other, we are afraid because we do not know what exactly.

Imagine that a neighbor recommends another hiring a house painter.

- I give Gonzalo phone. I recommend it because it really works well, is punctual and can give you the keys to your house and go, it is absolutely reliable.

- Have you any idea how much they charge per day? -, See the man who needs to hire a painter.

- Oh, pay him with anything.

Now you and I we dialogue. What can we think of someone who charges anything? What so weird to make a living is this?

The situation quickly becomes clear when we understand that money is a commodity that can be exchanged for "anything".

The answer "Oh, pay him with anything." Is very confusing, but correct, because money is equivalent to "anything".

To understand this pose is particularly necessary to take into account that the human understanding is only possible as we abandon rationality, as we think without becoming attached to consistency.

Now continue thinking about this strange equality "money" and "anything".

What usually happens when any human being is affected by something that does not know what it is?

99% of the time, when we are affected by something unknown, we imagine that the "something" is threatening, dangerous, worthy of suspicion. The 99% of the time will think the worst of what affects us and do not know what is.

If money is "anything" then do not know what exactly and, as we are affected by money as we need it to buy supplies, it is conceivable that many people think the worst of money and, therefore, it reject.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  El dinero es un misterio atemorizante.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.016)