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Jealousy by infidelity own

Staying sexually faithful and often frustrating to alleviate this frustration, some accuse the other of infidelity.

The issues related to marital fidelity are always controversial and it is nice that way.

As I commented in another article (1), mathematics is odious because they prevent the controversy, ie, prevent some responsibilities are in the nebula. Everything ends up being quantitative accuser because it is possible to measure the actions, intentions, preferences, while quantitative, the non mathematician, is controversial and therefore more vague and less accusatory.

The issues related to marital fidelity are always controversial because most jealous spouses, ultimately, are accusing the other misdemeanors they did not commit.

The fury of a jealous person is usually caused by their own fantasies of infidelity:

Jorge would be unfaithful to your wife because you want to make love to a co-worker who tries to seduce him, but as not encouraged to be unfaithful is mortified, suffering, anguish and writhes, for relief, accuse Leticia that most likely is in an affair with the cousin.

The dose of soothing sometimes has to be very high. As someone has to eat three aspirin to soothe a headache, because with him misses, needs to fall in with Leticia inconsiderate abuse because a mere mention of distrust is not enough.

In this state of things, Leticia understands nothing. At first anguish over the attitude of George, speaking with friends, loves him but he is getting unbearable, it is reassuring man of one wife, in that you can be quiet. To calm down, imagine that jealousy is proof of love and he fits the assaults... because it is sexually frustrated.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Los celos por la propia infidelidad.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.106)

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