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Involuntary suicide

From the point of view of determinism, suicide do not decide to kill himself but suffering a terminal illness.

Suicide is something that disturbs us greatly. I will comment on something that, as in most of my articles, I have not seen elsewhere, magazines or books. I will comment in my view, as real as any other, with the understanding that this is an almost completely unknown phenomenon.

I believe, suicide is not a voluntary act, but the fatal outcome of a terminal illness, whose death is caused by the patient, as with all non-accidental deaths.

In other words: murders, shipwrecks, earthquakes, airplane crashes are external causes for which we lose life. The terminal diseases are characterized in that the organic deterioration is progressive until the phenomenon life becomes impossible and the patient dies.

The latter category should include self-elimination. Since most of the world's population believes in free will and does not believe in determinism, has no choice but to consider that the last act of suicide is also a volunteer, is also executed in use of their free will and not admitted to it is the consequence of progressive organ impairment.

Therefore, if we accept that none of our actions is voluntary but, on the contrary, everything we influenced by varied and (mostly) unknown influencing factors,

- Not because we want to travel but because something in our lives led us to travel;

- And we are alive because we decided to be born, eat, take shelter, but because some of our existence led us to meet our basic needs;

- Suicide or are killed because they so decided.

Also, suicide attempts are comparable to heart attacks or asthma attacks.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  El suicidio involuntario.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.108)

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