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Questions of unsafe worker

Who asks too cause the feeling of having difficulty assuming a responsibility, to make a commitment.

As a song plays Alberto Cortez says: "Neither too little nor too much, as it's all about".

There are workers who ask too much and workers should ask some more.

Without going any further, a year ago I'm paying the consequences of a health did not ask me if I approve or not their decisions.

But this article refers to those who ask for more.

Children often draw attention to how many questions do their parents, siblings, teachers.

Some interpret this attitude as a sign of curiosity, intelligence, eagerness to learn, but it is not. This interpretation is wrong.

Inquisitive children feel emotionally insecure. What looks like a very intellectual question, is actually something like "Do you love me?”, "Am I occupy a place in your life?”, “Is today are angry with me?“.

What a question child is rather looking for what the tone of the response or whether this response is the same as that given above.

Eager to know what place in the interest of the other, use this method to obtain valuable information: voice and ratification.

The voice tells you the mood of the consultation and ratification indicates if the adult is reliable, if not contradict, if you tell the truth or not.

An employee or a professional to do too many questions to your employer or client, because the feeling is emotionally insecure child.

It also causes the feeling of having difficulty assuming responsibility, ie, the ability to respond, to make a commitment and, ultimately, to be trusted to do a job.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Las preguntas del trabajador inseguro.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.085)

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