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Worth and how much they love me

The differences in the value of objects that evoke distress us our doubts about our worth to others.

Imagine that someone asks the price of a certain object. When the seller answers the question the person says: "It's too expensive” to what the seller replied: "Nobody sells cheaper than me!”

This simple dialogue is not as simple because if you do not add more data, we were unsure what the real situation.

When a buyer says that the object of interest is too expensive, can mean:

- The money available is not enough to pay for it;

- That the same object can be achieved for less money with another provider;

- That lying by saying it's too expensive just to get truth lies, ie, for the seller, you are not sure that your offer is really competitive, make unfair cuts that will harm and benefit the buyer trying to deceive;

- The buyer never knew the value of a similar purpose and, thinking aloud, recognizes that not imagined it to be so expensive;

- That, as there are several qualities of the same object, it is logical that some are more expensive than others, and the buyer, saying that this is too expensive, meaning that you are prefer to buy a cheaper option.

If you are still reading, you should know that the analysis of these alternatives is boring for almost everyone and intellectual lethargy that causes us to have many difficulties in managing money.

We bored because our mind rejects these alternatives both remind us our main reason for anxiety: How much we are worth to others? Are we allowed ( we buy ) or leave us ?

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Cuánto valgo y cuánto me aman.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.086)

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