miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013

Review and is easy to do

Those who only give reviews but never seem to do something to make fun of the laborious maternal responsibilities.

Ever told me, I read or heard that Marck Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook) was sued by someone who said he had the idea of Facebook, and Zuckerberg would have said: "The idea was yours but who became Facebook"

Some pretend to move the world with spermatogenic gestures (generators sperm), ie, only ideas, doing nothing, as it does the body of the woman carrying, stop and then fed.

The female model is the most valuable: the ideas, by themselves, have no value and its author should not claim anything... or nothing.

Put another way: In the construction of a new human being, male copula semen delivery and the body of the woman who, thereafter, began a laborious process that lasts nine months, which then continues to provide food mammary glands and, as if all this were not enough, continues for more than 18 years.

I am comparing this act of copulating male pleasure to deliver the semen to the generation of ideas that others may become useful.

The copyright rights are empty, monarchists, full of praise for nothing itself, like the ideas that are put into practice.

With this ideology that exalts to give ideas and despises those who practice it, we are surrounded by people who speak, write, and claims that, with these self-proclaimed "genius", all you pay tribute, to give you a lifetime pension, take care as the queen bee.

This subverts the values ​​, encourages those involved to review comfortably, like those men who despise with pedantic attitude, maternal tiring tasks

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Opinar y no hacer es fácil.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.083)

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