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Envy impoverishes

Envy is discouraging for the sufferer. Usually generated by misunderstanding of the character envied.

To understand the idea that we need to justify this article assume that there are roles managers (exclusively exercised by mothers) and supplier roles (from persons of both sexes working to support his family).

Therefore, managers are always female and providers can be both women and men.

I will only comment on suppliers, not including managers.

It is very likely that suppliers of both sexes, have a way of thinking that is the male sex that usually spend more time and energy to paid work.

Providers (with male mentality, as I said in the previous paragraph), have a suitable to impregnate all the women who request psyche. A normal man wants to be elected Mr. Stallion Universal. Males who want monogamy continue in an oedipal relationship with his mother ('mother is no one'), they have not managed to leave that parent and child bond.

For this male mentality providers tend to assume that prostitutes made ​​an enviable job, as you imagined performing the golden dream of having sex with many people. Moreover, charge to do the most desirable task.

A prostitute is a polygamous man, is a woman who longs to have sex with the father of her children and not with anyone. They have to charge to compensate the painful sacrifice of violence to his natural desire.

Suppliers, who envy prostitutes also despise to relieve discomfort caused by the aforementioned envy.

Providers lower their productivity and earnings when, by mistake, envy the employment status of prostitutes or any other imaginary happy worker (government, business,...).

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  La envidia empobrece.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.084)

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