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Communicating requires building wit

Communication is not to say what we think but in building our idea in the head of the receiver.

This article can give them an idea to some people, but for others will be redundant.

So that you do not waste time, put the nuclear idea at first:

There is good communication when we express our thought, but when we build our interlocutor in his head the idea that we need to convey.

Some have seen these armed ships in a glass container, the mouth is too small to have been there. We know that the glass is not flexible. The beauty of the object lies mainly in imagining how the manufacturer managed to put it together in such precarious conditions.

In amusement parks usually find some kind of crane, locked in a glass box, which can be maneuvered from outside. If this job is done right, we can extract some gift that will reward us the ability, patience, wit.

When we shop online we must meet a set of steps that someday the postman delivered the package to us so that we commissioned.

In these three examples we find some form of tele-command, action at a distance, skillful, indirect embodiment, with limited control of our movements.

However, when we need to communicate with another person, appeal more to magic, telepathy, voluntarism, idealism, hope that the recipient of our message guess what we want to convey.

When the receiver is watching us, that magic is more likely detected because our mood, our gestures and captures energy expended. When we spoke on the phone the message loses all visual aids and when we communicate in writing the construction of our idea in the head of the receiver acquires the hardest difficulty.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Comunicar requiere construir con ingenio.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.092)

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