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Popularity, jealousy and poverty

Why, when someone needs to be 'popular', you must: celar the spouse being unfaithful and earn little money.

Most loves most. Popularity is a desired condition, valued. We would like to be members of a large family in which our brothers protect us, give us their love, help us.

Because families are often much smaller than we would like, try to enlarge building matrimonial, commercial, political, religious, professional, trade union links.

This desire forces us to match us, try not to stand out, to avoid innovation, creativity.

To be surrounded by people who love us, we can not be either competitive or individualistic, nor original, nor extravagant. We have to be like everyone else and do what others do.

This is how we ended up increasing our tranquility and decreasing profitability. If not excel, do what everyone else does, we split the usefulness of this unique activity among more people.

From here we can draw a conclusion: a lower return in popularity.

Popularity not only imposes a lower return but, to avoid envy, will point directly to perform any task that keeps us poor profitability, to the envy of others does not undermine the emotional, social, family relationship, we need to conserve.

La, just mentioned, envy is such a popular feeling as jealousy.

To feel that multitudinous family members, we must possess desires and tastes similar to others. Our desires and preferences must be common to the rest of our group.

Jealousy appears when, to feel better integrated into the great family, need to feel that others would enjoy and love our spouse. Worse still, we have this 'popular' sentiment because, if we were honest, we would recognize that it would increase our popularity also if we possessed a neighbor's wife.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Popularidad, celos y pobreza.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.097)

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