jueves, 30 de enero de 2014

Barter trinkets for precious metals

When international agencies issued statements disapproving lighted the gap between rich and poor repeat the same scam perpetrated the invaders when bartered for precious metal trinkets.

According to historians were when the Spaniards came to America they found naive and hospitable natives. Were it not so, now we would not have so many descendants of Europeans.

In other words, those who have some Spanish, Italian and Portuguese ancestry, French, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and other ethnic groups eurásicas, carry in our genes that initial abuse that took advantage of the naivety and hospitality of Native Americans.

Those Indians were filled with snake oil and invaders filled with gold and silver. Both made big business. Both were smart and lucky. Both boasted to his friends: "Look at the business I did!"

With our vision of the 21st century, we think that the Indians were fools and that the invaders were smart. We think mirrors and other trinkets had little value compared to gold and silver.

If I may now take an intellectual leap, I ask this question : When ministers of economy, wealthy businessmen and even presidents of countries, pompously together to finish issuing a statement full of beautiful words, are not repeating that unscrupulous transaction between indigenous and invasive?

I think so: words and snake oil are qualitatively identical.

When these great personalities fear social unrest, triggered because the gap between rich and poor is obscene, collect a lot of nice words and through the lucrative network broadcast journalism, the spread among disadvantaged naive before them angry and cause a capital loss.

Assume that the rich and the poor can be classified as 'good and bad', respectively, is almost inevitable, but changing the facts, (obscenity of the economic gap), by words, we take that first transaction legitimize trinkets for precious metals.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):Trueque de baratijas por metales preciosos.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.109)

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