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Neither socialism nor capitalism

Among many causes of poverty, one might fail the people as organized or as socialists or capitalists.

We hope that members of a family made ​​the largest contribution (in cash, labor, care) and that, in turn, make the least possible expenditure of resources sharing.

Socialism proposes to apply this model to the whole society. Capitalism no.

The socialist model proposes that organized people live like one big family and capitalism proposes that organized people live as if in a for-profit company.

The differences between the two models are both sufficient to have supporters and detractors. Some wish to live life in a family (socialism) and others want to strictly apply that model to achieve home form.

It seems that socialism without democracy works well, and works well if a family leadership (father, mother, elder son) is preserved throughout the years.

In other words, it is possible to think and live like a family where there is a permanent president, a dictator, a tyrant, or any other non-democratic figure.

On the contrary, capitalism is not possible without democracy, without private property, without free movement of goods and people, without freedom of association, of expression, of worship.

Now I propose a cause (thousands) of poverty:

Tyrannies are not efficient to boost productivity. Therefore the socialist family model requires a people who adhere to poverty without rebelling against the tyrant. The tyrannized peoples are often poor.

In turn, democratic regimes are so weak that, freedoms that are granted to allow socialist performances, delaying as much as possible to tell the people that welfare is an individual achievement that depends on what each brings a wealth collective.

As is too unfriendly proclaim "Citizens, everyone is settled as I can!" (Which would mean losing popularity and votes), half-truths with a third type of social organization, characterized by not being achieved or implemented a family or a business but a place where time passes and politicians only care about staying in powerand citizens to fend for themselves!

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Ni socialismo y capitalismo.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.110)

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