miércoles, 29 de enero de 2014

Journalism encourages ignorance

All criticize low education levels, but certain communicators make money flattering the ignorant.

In Latin America we complain about the low level of education that our people have. When we are judged by massive international evidence is clear that we have much to improve.

The reasons for this lag are many, many of which probably have little to do with budget allocated to education, the low professional level of teachers, inefficient management of human resources in charge of education.

There are also political reasons. It is false that politicians wish to govern a town illustrated fashioned able to analyze, critique and communicate effectively verbally and in writing. Politicians remember that almost all revolutions begin in the most socially educated layers. The ignorant people are easily controllable, have authoritarian governments and the state controls the lives of all.

Governance are easier when most are gullible, low frustration tolerance, childish enough to be guided by the "love is power”, predominantly magical thinking that leads to having religious, dogmatic, superstitious beliefs, predisposed to idealize any sufficiently charismatic character.

Observe what happens to the media.

On many occasions, we receive reviews that try to make us believe that the rulers are fools, if the reader will take his place would make things better; levels ridiculousness of the leaders are unusually comical, that the rich are all corrupt and thieves that teachers make nonsense that no reader, with minimal education would.

This journalism is telling the ignorant : you possess true wisdom, knowing you were born, no need to waste time studying what you know is better than the powerful decision makers.

I am inclined to think that we have a strong hypocrisy: we all agree that we need to increase levels of mass education, but certain communicators make money flattering the ignorant.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El periodismo alienta la ignorancia.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.126)

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