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Less motherhood and consumption

Because we and many humans, Nature discourages our reproductive desire and prodding us to be consumerist comforts.

Psychoanalysis would function as a magnifying glass that allows to see more of what can be seen without it.

Some, pompously called the depth psychology because they imagine that it is possible to know more (deeper) of the psyche.

I'm into this some. I have this belief offset by another belief: that beliefs are personal, transient truths, calming us when this anxiety is caused by ignorance.

Perhaps we all agree that uncertainty (feeling derived from ignorance, ignorance), is distressing. We may also agree that we get to study, investigate, learn, mobilized by that annoying feeling (anxiety).

In this state of things I share with you an idea built into psychoanalytic theory, which aims to calm the anxiety caused by uncertainty.

It is distressing to feel that we do not treat our children well, that sometimes we leave for others to care, sometimes we do not want to listen, sometimes, by their conduct, we Madden.

The reality we face is as it is because it is part of a global, planetary, natural, universal harmony. Everything works like a huge clock that tells the exact time.

We are a little room of this huge mechanism and autonomy is such that we can not alter its perfection. Everything we do is governed by the accuracy of the machine.

Although for small little room is not possible to understand the complete mechanism, let's try:

We may not have the patience to raise our children because we are already seven billion human beings and nature, (the universal mechanism), he began to discourage our reproductive desire. We are comforted prodding consumerism.

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Video titulado La ansiedad adaptativa

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Menos maternidad y más consumo.

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