lunes, 27 de enero de 2014

Friendship between women and men

Men and women can not be friends by the silly belief that they should always try to conquer them.

On several occasions I 've said, and I repeat now, that women and men are so different that they should be studied as if we belonged to different species.

However, despite being so different, we could be friends, but this becomes very difficult precisely because we do not know.

Males believe that we always have to besiege, woo, cajole, seduce women close to us, unless they are first-degree relatives (parents with children, siblings together).

The prohibition of incest is that blocks the male urge to sleep with any woman walk by.

This attitude stems from an error that attempt to describe.

The mistake we make is thinking men and women they have sex with whom the conquest. This is why we can not be friends.

Several articles (1) I told them that women, like any other mammalian female is what attracts males when in estrus (ovulating). Actually the human female chooses a single male to father her children just one. All others were excluded and could still be friends because the sex drive among us would not exist, nor between friends of the same sex.

If men knew that we are wasting time when asediamos a woman and if we assume that she will choose only one for the father of her children would not have to try to conquer all rather than be his friends.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La amistad entre mujeres y hombres.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.124)

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