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Portfolio sets and shoes

Women like to buy matching purses and shoes to meet the unconscious desire to feel omnipotent, able to self-fertilize (hermaphrodites).

This article is a popular belief, according to which the majority of women like to buy handbags and shoes whose designs belong to the same aesthetic category, ie that match.

What does ’belong to the same aesthetic category’, or match? It means that, if they were human bodies, belong to the same person. For example, my left arm goes with my right arm, my hair color matches the color of my skin. Would not play a big hand and other small game and not do eyes and nose owl man's body.

Therefore, returning to the first paragraph, we can now say that "most women like to buy handbags and shoes such that, if they were human bodies, seem to belong to the same person".

The idea that I try to tell them is: they have this preference could be explained psychoanalytically assuming they display like uterus (portfolio) and penis (shoes) that match to prove they belong to their own body, which he formed with a set harmonious, natural.

It is likely that many wish to be hermaphrodites, ie able to self-fertilize (1). If they could do without men they would pleased.

Moreover, if others feel that a woman with purse and matching shoes is well dressed, we're thinking that we really like their body uterus and penis.

I add something else: we humans like they were hermaphrodites because we would like Mom to gestarnos, had not had sex with dad.

Finally, I add : In the great Christian believers legend was pleased thinking that at least someone (Jesus) was fertilized without the mother had sexually enjoyed with father (Immaculate Conception).

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Los conjuntos de cartera y zapatos.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.125)

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