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Christian individualism

Christianity proposes to reject wealth. In addition, many poor are pure selfishness Christian, although hypocritically be generous.

Most of the western population professes any Christian religion, believes that Christ is El Salvador and other issues clearly irrational, but that does not sound harmless to most believers.

Indeed, among the believers in these Christian religions find people who love mathematics, physics, logic, computer science. We found people who, besides Christianity, professing severe precautions to remain consistent.

Therefore, although some say that the religious attitude is not a matter of intelligence and reasoning, but it is a phenomenon of faith, we see that in practice, behavior, actions and decisions are guided by the preaching of Jesus and its interpreters.

These attitudes, I believe, greatly favor the poverty of millions. Not only because Christianity professes humility, mercy, solidarity, selflessness toward material wealth, austerity, frugality, condemning the waste, the mismanagement, the waste, but because, incredibly, proposes an individualistic solution to achieve the most important goal: eternal life after death.

According to most Christians believe that when the time of reckoning comes, acts of earthly life will be judged individually. Each must defend as possible.

Therefore, although these good deeds will accumulate beneficial score final judgment in the case, including " love others as himself," we can not lose sight of the political benefactor mentioned aims only saved capitalize loans, enriched with good deeds.

In short: although the preaching is proposed collectivist attitude is individualistic: it save oneself. Many poor are pure selfishness Christian, although hypocritically be generous.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  El individualismo cristiano.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.101)

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