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Hopefully not a lemon apples

If we ignore that human beings are essentially monogamous, we can never ask a fellow who is.

Every time we make a statement corresponds also report from which point of view is that we do, but we avoid this clarification by two major reasons:

1) Because it would be too much work to be explaining what our world setting, and above all, fundamental

2) Because we are convinced that everyone "thinks like me '... or wrong and will soon rectified.

From my point of view, which responds to the general ideas of psychoanalysis, I affirm that every human being keeps his promises, is honest and faithful.

As autoimpongo I write no more than 300 words in each article, try to justify why "every human being is faithful."

The axiomatic statement, incontrovertible, indisputable, absolutely true is that "no human being can behave otherwise than as a human being."

From the assertion above that "every man is true to his basic, basic, unavoidable, deep real."

From previous assertion follows its opposite: "No one can be true to a claim which does not take into account the essential, basic, unavoidable, deep real."

I will put a silly example: if someone else agrees with a commitment never to drop down, will carelessly ignoring the law of gravity.

If the person commits the mistake of falling off a tree and hit the ground, will be faithful to his royal status, but that foolish contract is breached.

Therefore, if we ignore that people are not essentially monogamous, we can never ask a fellow to be so because it will end being faithful ... to the natural law, as it can not be otherwise.

This explains why we are all faithful.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): No esperemos manzanas de un limonero.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.990)

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