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Journalism serves a similar function to the kidneys. Our cultural malaise is (partially?) Caused by kidney failure-journalism.

Rationality is an intellectual deficiency manifests discarded because they are all ideas that do not have a high dose of formal logic.

The logic provides an ideal standard of how things should be, hence, rationality is an intellectual deficiency or conviction rejects everything that is not perfect ... as the ideal criterion mentioned things.

To think that social reality can be compared with the performance of a human body, it takes away enough of perfectionism as a metaphor appeals to similarities, not identities.

In this line, it is possible that our societies, designed like a human body, may be suffer from kidney failure, because journalism is failing to fulfill its role of being independent and professional.

The kidneys filter blood to, comply with the essential task of removing impurities from the body. Otherwise, the body is poisoned and dies himself.

In countries where organized according to democratic criteria say, we have a major political party that has the most weight in the decisions that are made, controlled by several minority parties who function to monitor compliance.

However, journalism is in charge of communicating to people what is happening and that supposedly corresponds know.

Renal failure occurs at the country level when this job (this kidney), for some reason, manipulating information, perhaps deforming conceptually, or by administering it to be the emphasis (repetition, adjectives, argumentation), which between the governed causing a favorable opinion shared certain interests journalism.

Our cultural malaise is (partially?) Caused by kidney failure-journalism.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Insuficiencia renal-periodística.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.997)

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