viernes, 2 de agosto de 2013

Pets are not poor

Not to suffer many fail to identify with humans and pets give their rich life.

My prejudices are opposed to think freely. I console myself that this happens to everyone.

The prejudice more strongly opposes me is referring to people who should not have a bad time because others possess more wealth than they need for a good time.

Although not bother me or the rich or the very rich I think the world would be better if there were extremely needy people.

My bias, big, burly, it could be an efficient bodyguard of one of these super-rich do not bother me, wants me to keep thinking that these abysmal differences in the distribution of the planet's wealth are unfair and also be disturbed. My bias Herculean fearsome forces me to feel bad because many humans have material needs with which I suffer.

Although I know that prejudice is bigger than I'm mulling my rebellion and refuse to give in to his obstinacy.

Surely other people have also had to find a solution to this annoyance.

An efficient solution is to ignore desinformarse not learn that the like just have to eat, they do not have to bundle up, living in inhospitable.

Another solution is to devote hours a day to work with the poor, trying to give them some of what they lack.

But the cause of prejudice in my need for love and to feel less bad I have to work on the cause and not the symptoms.

Because I need to be loved I identify with human beings: why suffer when others suffer.

Not to suffer many fail to identify with humans and pets give their rich life.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Las mascotas no son pobres.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.959)

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