jueves, 22 de agosto de 2013

Not wanting may be unable to

Probably "Not wanting is not power." If our vocation was that of being rich, it is unlikely that we could avoid it.

I will say one indisputable truth: those who do not play the lottery never get their prize.

Go novelty!It is more than obvious!

But, now I add something equally obvious but less boring: who never run for exercise political power roles ever gain access to government positions.

By analogy we can say the same for those who do not run for exercise economic power roles: ever manage to create for themselves wealthy.

On several occasions I have mentioned the opinion that opposes the slogan: "Will is power." I think volunteerism is a delirium caused by abusers and end hope intoxicated with it.

However, something we can agree: be willing to recognize that "No will is not power." The realism increases when volunteerism is expressed in negative terms.

So as I said in the first paragraph it is not possible to win the lottery without betting, it is not possible to do something we do not want to do: if we want to enrich it is quite likely we accomplish enrich.

It would seem much easier and likely to leave the reality as it is to change it.

Not only human beings are resistant to change, the reality does not want that changed. That is why the slogan "Will is power" almost never works while its opposite, "Not wanting is not power" is more likely to be fulfilled.

We might think that is part of that reality that resists change, that each of us have a certain way of being natural, vocational, we can not change voluntarily: If our vocation was that of being rich, it is unlikely that we could avoid.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): No querer quizá sea no poder.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.979)

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