viernes, 23 de agosto de 2013

The woman who keeps a playboy

The woman who financially support a man would be born a boy for not thwarting their parents.

According to statistics, listed on the Internet, there are a lot richer than rich. It seems that the economic power choose to males while women only rarely have large fortunes.

However, it is relatively frequent existence of "freeloaders", defined as males who manage to be held by a woman.

The word "playboy" may not be understood in some towns, but the Dictionary of the Royal Academy adds us as other more universal: saber fencer, journal, parasite advantage.

What can influence a woman to devote their efforts to maintain a parasite that it is used improperly?

Psychoanalytically acceptable hypothesis is as follows:

When a man and a woman impregnate a new being can be excited with a certain expectation for sex to be the son.

For millennia, and in almost every village, the preferred sex was male. From my point of view this preference was favored for they are men who "die for the country", especially when the kings, tyrants and rulers were so warlike war living in some other town.

If this were true, the privilege of being the favorite son of parents more obedient to the rulers has a tragic flipside, this is violent and premature death as cannon fodder of war leaders.

Some girls crave those cultures can unconsciously be macho males. To enjoy that fantasy we see living with a man who acts like a rich man maintained.

It is likely that the woman who financially supports a man be born male wishes not to frustrate their parents.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La mujer que mantiene a un vividor.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.980)

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