viernes, 23 de agosto de 2013

The market prefers us intolerant

 Because marketing us be compulsive shoppers, anxious, intolerant, our personality is less suitable for raising children.

In our culture have a high profile actions such as:

Encourage, promote, stimulate, excite, promote, encourage, provoke, prod, prod, arouse, itching, heat the head, to desire, to handle.

As farmers prepare the animal they think fish to be eaten in the traditional celebrations of every people, traders, industrialists, financiers, and other consumers of the consumer market, perform some of the actions listed in the previous paragraph.

Note that I said "market consumers consumer 'agree only to tell them that the buyers are somehow slaughtered, eaten by those who feed us, that is, the market for our society offers.

The publicity received is nothing that we do preparation predisposing them to us to buy what they produce and sell.

I repeat consumers for marketers are much like turkeys, chickens, rabbits and pigs that eventually end at the family table to the delight of diners.

With this preparation the potential buyers need to be stimulated to desire intensely that they sell. That engaged the márquetin, advertising, marketing.

One of the major influences is to lower our tolerance for frustration.

A good buyer is one who can not stand for a long time a desire, a craving, a need, unfulfilled. Marketers love compulsive shoppers, desperate, who spend up to what they have and borrow as much as they can not afford.

Therefore, it is useful to recognize that we are being encouraged us to be scientifically intolerant, irritable, anxious, rushed, thoughtless, impulsive, fearful, dependent, submissive, hedonistic.

With a personality so we do not have patience to raise children.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El mercado nos prefiere intolerantes.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.999)

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