viernes, 9 de agosto de 2013

The only thing is to have and give seductive LIFE

A seductive male is only when you have to give (life, money, work, protection) and is also willing to give.

The world's largest theater serves as the capital of a rich country impoverished.

The country is Argentina and theater-capital is Buenos Aires.

I was honored to have been born there but I have the joy of living a half hour flight and another city: Montevideo (Uruguay).

Funny thing is that the people of Buenos Aires and Uruguay barely distinguish ourselves by our speech. Foreigners always confuse us.

How could it be otherwise, in this city-theater media have a great development.

For some time (courses 2013), the phrase of a media personality (Jacobo Winograd) runs the popular media and academic "kills trouser wallet."

With telegraphic style or blotter holder, the judgment means that money is more seductive for women than other men attractive.

From my point of view this statement is neither true nor false because poses a nonexistent dichotomy: the only attractive male is that you have to give and give.

Perhaps the man should be willing to give his life. Someone with excessive attachment to their physical integrity is a coward and is not useful for women in general.

Although our conscience compels us to say what is politically correct, that does not offend anyone or distresses who hear (or read), the truth is closer to life than lying.

The only important thing is to preserve the species and for that we have sex, have children, take care until they can reproduce.

Next in importance is keeping us as individuals, to have children and care for them until they are adults.

The only thing is to have and give seductive LIFE.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Lo único seductor es tener y dar VIDA.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.966)

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