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The course for parents

The "bread under the arm 'that children bring learning is a scale of values ​​definitely realistic.

've Ever heard that "children come with a loaf under his arm."

This expression means that the increase in household expenses inherent to the incorporation of a new member is solved because the child itself creates conditions that make it self-sustaining.

Those who prefer to emphasize the human spiritual condition, family planning and life itself, usually interpreted as the "bread under his arm" in a mystical sense, thinking that God will put the money missing provided prospective parents do not feel embarrassed by the economic difficulties ahead were when the woman, distraught at the news moving, thinking, "pregnant again!How can we do? "And to inform the expectant father needs to develop strategies and care to avoid scaring, or perhaps embitter him angry.

Spiritualist philosophy marks the rhythm no time.

What's "bread under the arm" was a stimulus elemental, basic, simple to sparsely trained and informed people, who had to somehow encourage to breed them and assume the workload generated by children after they are born .

The stimulus to reproduction had a goal that many would reject if it were true that the rulers wanted more young people to send them to war on behalf of insane power ambitions.

However, there is a "bread under the arm" that we can recognize as existing.

Youth who do not have your value hierarchy because they have too theoretical knowledge of what it is to live, when they conceive a child learn that nothing is more important than self-preservation and species. (1)

(1) Blog dedicado a la conservación de la especie: La única misión 

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El curso para padres

(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.958)

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