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Less visible using Internet

Internet is also used to get distracted conflicting marriages, each to his own, and no longer attack each other.

In a VIP cell, (said of the detention for important people, influential, though not enough to be unpunished), they found two men who barely knew.

Being highly educated people, shared the small room giving samples courtesy, consideration, deference. He listened without interrupting, moderated adjectives to not disqualify the other rudely, they said "good morning" to wake up.

They also tended not to be time the tiny bathroom. They looked after the cell toilet and laundry.

This does not last as long as they wanted. The repressed irritability was seen when one of the two raised his voice to assert their argument in a trivial discussion.

The other was quick to do the same "because it could not be less."

That night and the generous unsaid "to rest and sleep well ', the next day, not greeted. The hostility was installed. I did not speak but growled.

One day, the highest pushed smaller and this mother insulted him. The highest grabbed him by the neck and tried to choke for a few seconds.

A guard saw the situation and I told the head of the prison, because if something happens to any of these illustrious characters disgraced, the ruling party have been accused before the Court of Human Rights.

The Solomonic Director provided to inmates of a tablet each and peace returned to the tiny cell. They were mentally isolated and stopped fighting.

This is a metaphor: the inmates form a marriage partner and the solution so it does not hurt is used by many couples today.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El uso menos visible de Internet.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.004)

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