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It is unwise prudent to provide about the others

Common sense is a fantasy reassuring, imaginary, optimistical. No is prudent to provide what shall they other ... nor does ourselves.

Once attempt dyeing a woven fabric with fibers different porosity, we will have by final result a surprising stamping that is formed with la particularly coloration which acquired each thread.

Although will sounds extravagant, excites me think of the wool. We just need to know a bit to fall in love with its beauty, nobility, ductility, resistance.

Twelve thousand years ago we use it to clothe, but if we want dye it also we will find that changing color is not uniform because all fibers are different.

Las sheep are our main providers of wool, but also the get from goats, alpacas, rabbits.

Cotton is a vegetable fiber that gives us comfort when regulating body moisture; the acrylic is a synthetic fiber, which resembles into something to natural fibers, but his greatest advantage is in the economy of the price.

The legislation standardizes, regulates, organizes collective works similarly to an aniline ink, pigment: has only one color and try each one of us included in full, so that society as a whole shows that color, with perfect uniformity with which dreamed lawmakers who approved.

Nothing is further of reality: each one of we interpret the laws differently, (assimilate different doses of coloration), and we are first in surprise us when we learned that we were transgressing some norm that neither imagined.

As that happens to us all similarly, not very safe foresee the attitude of the other knowing the laws with which should be governed.

Common sense is a fantasy reassuring, imaginary, optimistical. It is unwise to provide about the others ... nor ourselves.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  No es prudente prever qué harán los demás.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.988)

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