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Robin Hood also steals for him

Those who care less poverty is the poor themselves.

Poverty is a great source of income.

The poor just do their job there and being part of a great prejudice that streamlines the business to avoid poverty

- Demanding more taxes on the rich, or

- Emotionally blackmailing the wealthy to make donations of their wealth, or

- Luring them to special privileges imagine a beyond some promise with unusual religious nerve.

Poverty is a great source of income because it justifies a transfer of resources from the rich:

- The philanthropic NGO's responsible for humanitarian aid;

- Populist rulers to raise taxes on income, capital, profit, to stay with the lion's share, with personally enriching themselves and enrich the political party that keep them in the industry redistribution wealth;

- To preach religious and promise for a better life after death.

Deserves a special theme sale of indulgences (1). There was a time (especially in the 16th century) in which the Catholic Church was selling at a good price for a pardon of all sins for the rich do not spend so badly in the process of Purgatory course.

To better understand why poverty is a great source of income for a number of unscrupulous disguised as compassionate quickened, we should think how it would be no poor humanity.

The model of corruption justified by helping the poor is the legendary Robin Hood, who stole from the rich to distribute to the poor, this role, with undisguised pride, play the left parties.

Those who care less poverty is the poor themselves.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Robin Hood también roba para él.
 (Este es el Artículo Nº 1.960)

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