domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013

Lying is a reaction caused by intolerance

I mean the act of lying as if it were legitimate because falsehood is an inevitable reaction against intolerance.

Lying is a necessary activity for those around us are not constantly willing to accept how we are and legitimize our tastes.

Lying arises from a kind of intolerance to those who think, feel, and want different.

Who can not understand or accept that others think, feel and desire differently to yours, adopt an aggressive attitude as if those differences really constitute a challenge to your preferences.

For example, if I were vegetarian and bigoted, perhaps attack on those who eat meat for playing your approach ignores a veiled criticism, hidden, concealed my preference for plant foods.

Depending on who surround us, the need to lie may be higher or lower.

This need also depends on how special are my beliefs, tastes, choices.

In other words, attempts to smooth out uneven levels lie that separate us from others. We lie to get close to others or to prevent away.

We lie because we have no choice, by necessity, because we feel entitled to satisfy some people even if we flunk.

As in many other activities, sometimes we lose track of measure, believing that we are able to cover more and more tasks, we increase our generation of falsehoods to a point where you lose the effectiveness that we had when this production was lower.

As you can see I'm comparing, matching, resembling, to the production of falsehoods with other less reprehensible actions such as work, produce, manage, study, have children, grow our business.

As you can see too, I mean a reprehensible action (lying) like it was satisfactory.

I raise this because falsehood is inevitable when tolerance is low.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Mentir es una reacción provocada por la intolerancia.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.001)

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