viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2012

The power asymmetry doctor-patient

Medical practice of measuring blood pressure at any operation establishes asymmetrical power roles.

The arms are equivalent to our loops, as well as easy immobilize animals taking them by the neck or horns.

Anyone can take another by the arm and lead to anywhere, provided you have more strength than the detainee.

When children are 'managed' by force, are caught in the upper extremity. They almost always are weaker than adults trying to dominate them.

The feeling that someone feels when taken by the arm, is related to the smoothness of the gesture.

We helped when contact is slight and felt "forced" in proportion to the energy with which we captured: A "claw" is violent and despotic while a delicate touch, with an open hand, is loving, affectionate partner.

In another article (1) commented that medicine uses methods including sado-masochistic traits.

Despite what is popularly said, sado-masochism is not vicious perversion accustomed to some very sick people, but refers to the adaptation healthy kids do when they do enjoy being annoyed by adults who are responsible for their care.

The sado-masochism to which I refer is not dependent on special equipment or scenery, but the simple attitude to tolerate and even enjoy participating in a strongly asymmetrical relationship, in which one takes complete control (sadistic position) and the other is Submit (masochism).

When someone requires medical attention, almost immediately be strongly taken by an arm through the use of an inflatable belt to tighten it cut off blood circulation, which the detected using its distinctive professional stethoscope. So are established asymmetrical power roles.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  La asimetría de poder médico-paciente.

(This is the Article No. 1765)

The care required of "social heads”

Mandatory use of safety helmet conditions us to care for our leaders and other "social heads."

The obsequiousness toward those who govern us is as healthy as using helmets protect the brain that reinforce the natural protection provided by the skull.

The workers, motorcyclists, car brokers, are legally obliged to pay special care to his head, not so much to avoid getting hurt, (because the individual preservation instinct knows what to do), but to install in their behavior the usual care for their leaders, their bosses, their rulers, to all those who perform similar functions to the brain.

I invite you to comment on our body design.

The brain is in a given inadequate blood circulation which depends. It would work better if your constant power depended not so much that the circulatory system is infallible. If instead of being at the top (farthest from the center of the earth), were lower in the end, the count blood supply with the help of the force of gravity instead of constantly having to overcome the "cardiac pump" .

Given the accident of the head, is in the worst place for it is most remarkable, often becoming the first impact of any blow.

The most protected place is occupied by our genitals, which brings me to confirm that for Nature conservation is more important than any kind of work concocted by the brain (1).

With these brief comments on our brain and functions of organization and leadership that has on the rest of the body, I conclude that the concern of our leaders (employers, governments, health authorities) to take care of our skull that seeks to condition to take care them.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El cuidado obligatorio de las «cabezas sociales».
(This is the Article No. 1746)

jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012

Sell ​​the bear's skin before you have caught

How many moments of real joy, genuine, enjoyable, achievable "sell the bear's skin before you have caught '?

A classic scene of cinema art shows the protagonist looking at a window (window). The camera, located in the trade, the artist captures the expression which suggests the feeling of the character: love, memory, desire to impress somebody, illusion.

The artists vidrieristas with experts in designing and presenting this important part of a trade. The merchandise can be used rarely presented because it is ready to seduce and attract buyers. A box of chocolates, for example, must be empty.

Similar work done in charge of presenting products to be displayed in an advertisement. They know, for example, to look deliciously white milk, milk can not be true but a mixture of products, to be filmed are more attractive than the real milk filmed.

Of these appearances arise professionals attraction, desire and the irrepressible urge those buyers who pay, borrow, no haggle.

I wonder if the fish when they hurry to bite a hook before others will feel the same happiness that buyers feel fascinated, mesmerized, excited.

We can not answer the question about the fish, but at least we can assume that these humans if they are happy with its ingenuity, because no lost opportunities to be pleasantly duped.

Who we resist being deceived, seduced, wonderfully scammed by ads, promises and magic acts, we believe long-term happiness there. The phlegmatic resistance be credulous is based on a childish pride as the naive credulity.

We believe that being happy with the deceptions perverts happiness. How many moments of real joy, genuine, enjoyable, achievable "sell the bear's skin before you have caught '?

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Vender la piel del oso antes de haberlo cazado

Some mentions of the concepts 'promises' and 'ads':

(This is the Article No. 1764)

The eroticism of asking money to husband

When the wife asks the husband money unconsciously being asked to make love ejaculating into her vagina.

In another article (1) I proposed an idea whose synthesis at the beginning of the article (pompadour, hook), says: "The male is a sperm bank where Nature leaves deposited sperm that women can retire."

This fiction is a metaphor that attempts to understand how we relate to women and men, not so much on culture but in nature.

In culture predominate links that the man holds more political power, physical and economic. She seems to take second place.

They handle the money necessary to bring the cost of the whole family and they are responsible for child rearing and household tasks: feeding, clothing, sanitize.

According to the idea of the article mentioned, were men of culture are the kind that keep some females (sperm), to deliver them when they request it, a procedure that in fact the banker is to seduce, provoke an erection , do penetrate the vagina and stimulate (milk it??) until it delivers the requested withdrawal of sperm (ejaculation).

In banking jargon, when a cashier delivers what the customer comes to withdraw from your account, it is said that "paid the cashier." Therefore, when a man ejaculates in the woman's vagina is "paying".

Our predominantly Spanish-speaking families are traditional, with that organization in which "money is men." Often in these cultures the husband is the only one with access to money while she, when you need a certain amount, you have to ask.

For those who see this practice as aberrant, remember that she is unconsciously asking erotically semen.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El erotismo de pedirle dinero al esposo
(This is the Article No. 1745)

miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012

The sanatorium sadomasochism

The hospital stays also relieve patients burdened by their excessive responsibilities, sado-masochistic practices indirectly (1).

For centuries, the hotels have had some sanatoriums sanatoriums and have had some features of hospitality.

Hoteliers want passengers are well, wish to return and talk wonders among his friends to demand facilities not stop growing.

Medicine has been another development that was very arrogant, but from the twentieth century is beginning to fall because users of their services (patients) do not feel so insignificant but are willing to discuss the knowledge, procedures and attitudes the healthcare industry.

This loss is led by arrogance techniques marketing your services. Competition among entrepreneurs (sanatoriums, pharmaceutical, technology providers), has led to a rise in the subjective assessment of consumers (patients).

Something that would have been unthinkable two centuries, medical services also advertise and have to come out and say 'we are good', 'best offer', 'acéptennos', forgetting that essential feeling pride and care monopoly in health.

These cultural changes have meant that the minimum features of hospitality that had hospitals, began to become relevant for competitive purposes.

Thus, hospitals are paying close attention to the welfare of inpatients and their accompanying family members or visitors.

In another article (1) I said that some people desestresan sessions sado-masochism, domination games because nullify the weight of responsibilities.

Admission to nursing homes and hospitals indirectly provides these games of domination, total body handling state of passivity and surrender (the patient to health care workers).

Diseases impose necessary sadomasochistic practices.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El sado-masoquismo sanatorial

(This is the Article No. 1763)