domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013

Dear women, let me tell you ...

When women are seeking reproductive and plan recreational sex, are less strict in the choice of partner.

To live with greater harmony might be useful to any women expect men think, feel and react like them.

Definitely, dear women, do not waste time! Males are human beings and only reason for this is determined by yourselves, while none may be fertilized by sperm than men.

This low key reason seems to be the only just. If not for that you need, that scholars have called reproductive isolation (1), men would belong to another species.

In short one: you and us, virtually belong to different species, so we are so different and perhaps that is why you find it so difficult to realize that there are women with a penis.

This understandable mistake women also male induces an error when trying to review them as if they were men without a penis.

In short February: to enjoy ourselves more than the mandatory coexistence imposed by our unique mission to conserve the species (2) need greater understanding.

As I have pretensions of understanding share my views, but I know that I am very pretentious, I confess that my views might be wrong: only you can know if you agree with me or not.

I insist that the human female is the copulatory caused by the phenomenon, as do all other mammalian species when in heat (3).

I now add: When women look for a man to be the father of her children, are very strict: choose only one, but when not in plan but seek reproductive recreational sex, are less stringent and choose among a larger number of candidates.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Queridas mujeres, déjenme decirles que...
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Aesop and disinterest in making money

The Aesop won great fame for his talent and because the rich find it beneficial to invest in advertising it.

An Aesop fable (1) that a miser all goods exchanged for gold coins and put them in a chest buried in a secret place.

Every day he went to visit the fortune accumulated in his life and dreamed of doing this or that using the real possibilities that allowed this enormous capital.

Someone who observed the behavior of the miser, bided his time and stole the treasure.

We can imagine the grief of the miser when it found that all their projects, dreams and possibilities were gone forever.

A neighbor, sorry for the grief of the miser, gave a very clever solution, saying, "Since none of your projects realistic thought put into practice because only atinabas to dream with them, put a brick in the gap left by the thief and imagine that this is your chest with gold. "

Unfortunately the miser not comforted looking brick.


1) Some rejoice seeing what they have accomplished, whether it's the material wealth, as family around them, and the prestige they have sown in the group to which they belong;

2) On the contrary, some rejoice just imagining that could have achieved the same fortune, the same family and the same prestige.

The neighbor who suggested putting a brick for the hood, belongs to this group of dreamers who dispense comfortably as material reality to imagine them enough;

3) That the character is a nasty miser realistic allows to understand that fame of Aesop's because his talent and patronage of the wealthy who need the existence of many poor, imaginative and dreamy disinterested in fighting to make money.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Esopo y el desinterés por ganar dinero.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.836)

sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013

The need to be abnormal

If we produce what they produce others win some money because our production will be too plentiful and cheap.

From very young we received the first signals that "tastes nothing about writing ', ie we're hearing about a little to our tastes, preferences, needs and desires are often different from those of other people.

But the information we receive is not strong enough to convince us that our preferences are not universal but are very personal, individual, own. Some humans may want the same as us but most prefer other things varied.

The discrepancy between what we like and taste of other individuals of the species, usually, if you ordered from lowest to highest: quietly uncomfortable, annoying, irritating, painful, threatening, terrible, excruciating, deadly.

Indeed, we find it hard to recognize the lack of consensus with our ideas, tastes, opinions, views, convictions, beliefs, prejudices.

We can hardly believe that we need to feel normal and for us is normal, healthy, acceptable, correct, mandatory, that we are all equal, or more precisely, that others are identical to us.

It is on the basis of our fears we understand that what is not legitimized by the unanimity of other human beings. As well cost us acknowledge any error on our part, then we feel that others are wrong and they are potential enemies as' I have the certainty of how aggressive feel toward those who are different from me. "

It is because we feel comfortable with our peers and threatened by dissent.

When it comes to how we make a living, if we do what many will feel normal but our production will have little value. To win you need something different and we need to be abnormal.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La necesidad de ser a-normales.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.835)

viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

The fear of living and brain development

Disrupts brain development and magical thinking continues to produce while the fear of living does not yield.

Scholars are people with the power conferred by having read many books and have enough memory to repeat much of what they read.

As is the case with an illusionist or magician, who assigned the label of "erudite" naively believe that adjective really knows if they actually understand accept, rather than "know" what it does is remember something that others wrote.

In other words, popularly say that someone "knows a lot" when what actually happens is that expressly says, vocalizes, exposed, something your brain can remember, as if it were a computer hard disc complemented by the ability talking.

I suggest you to appropriate the same to scholars, but without cheating like him: I suggest you just think, reflect, analyze and then make their conclusions, knowing that they will not receive a Nobel Prize, nor will television interviews, or ask for your autograph.

Besides believing in his own judgment, could do recognize that their conclusions may be wrong, as wrong as they can think and enunciate more famous intellectuals.

There are people on-human, nobody goes beyond what the species can: do not fly, do not breathe underwater, all suffer fear, anxiety, insecurity, unusual beliefs, brilliant and stupid.

Celebrities and foes went through some stage of development in which our brain secretes magical thinking that allows us to calm fears imagining magicians, characters miraculous, soothsayers, fortunetellers, telepaths, sages who know everything and never make mistakes.

The brain remains in that stage of development while the fear of living does not yield.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El miedo a vivir y el desarrollo cerebral.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.853)

The dollars are promises to pay

The American people will deliver what we sell conforming with its green promises of payment: dollars.

Imagine a family of rich, reliable and very consuming.

Its many members are unique to consume many foods, clothing, footwear, vehicles, tools and lots of goods.

Producers and manufacturers try to keep them as customers because if they do have great sales with guaranteed profits also ensure a seemingly endless economic tranquility.

These rich and consumers inspire much faith in society comprising all documents pay with debit, deferred payment instruments.

It happens that the credibility that inspire these future payment instruments, family providers have difficulty consuming not use those same papers to pay their suppliers.

For example, a manufacturer of woolen garments is happy because the "big rich" I bought everything I can produce in a year. When the manufacturer gave the thousands of sweaters, socks, jackets, trousers and coats, received in exchange a number of papers signed by the general manager of the family, which the manufacturer was very happy with the fortune he had charge though I repeat, the money really charge debit when those documents (conforming, vouchers, checks) to reach the stipulated deadline (six months, one year, five years).

In fact the manufacturer of woolen garments will not have to wait for anything because, given the high confidence that all the family will have hyper-consuming, others may give the garment manufacturer what he wants to buy with those papers. These papers therefore function as money.

This really is the story of the "big consumers" Americans who pay us with its green promises of payment: dollars.

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Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Los dólares son promesas de pago.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.834)