viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

The emotional imbalance caused by the power

If the subordinates know that the new boss, hit for power, suffer an emotional imbalance, we may be able reduce damage.

The power delude the effect of accessing the possibilities exist. It has an effect similar to hallucinogenic drugs.

Noteworthy because while he have not ascribe marvelous powers, but when we consume we see that the effects are quite different.

One difference between imagining and own is in danger.

Indeed, when we dream we have to be very fit to manage its effects, but when we started eating it also started to see some consequences not previously envisioned.

Inflammation of the ego may be the most immediate and harmful consequence.

Between us we differ by different levels of humility, pride, respect, insolence, discipline, unhelpful.

Usually know how others will react when we see our features antisocial or compassionate, but enough that a single drop of power in our ocean emotional for all values ​​negatively altered.

The phenomenon could be described as drunken megalomaniac, ie that you can drop us a feeling of omnipotence inflamed precariously repressed by the inhibitions imposed by culture, by education, by disciplinamientos imposed by the educational system, by social censure, by the obligation that allows us to keep some friends.

However, to our collective life work, it is necessary that some people make decisions and we respect others.

It could be a solution to know what happens to those who have power to try to compensate for mismatched behaviors that could impoverish the results of their performance.

If the subordinates are warned that the new boss will suffer an emotional imbalance caused by the new dose of power, we may be able reduce damage.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El desajuste emocional provocado por el poder.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.915)

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