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About envy and guilt

A richer, less envy and guilt to more poverty, more envy and innocence.

Think of all humanity and organicémosla by material wealth.
We'll place a few at the top rich and the many poor at the bottom.

Not that the rich are above the poor, but this design caused us a triangle, in which vertex is the world's richest human being and base are the millions of poor.

To avoid irritating our logic, this triangular least if we bother with the base down and point upward, because if we invest we would start to lose time thinking how a triangle or a pyramid, not lose their balance if it is based on as little as is the base vertex.

Therefore, this geometric figure has a base down to not be distracted by thoughts that are irrelevant. No way that pyramid is claiming that the poor are less than the rich. What is reasserting itself is something we all know : the rich are far less than the poor.

If you managed to imagine that triangle, then I suggest you think about how people living at different levels and what the feel they are above you and those below feel.

We might think that the one at the highest point you have not jealous because he is not up to anyone to envy and could also think that the one on the bottom you have the maximum envy because almost all are better than him.

In turn, the upper can feel more guilty than anyone and that is on the basis that no more innocent.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Sobre la envidia y la culpa.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.072)

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