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News rereading arising

Watching the same movie several times or reread one book often bring us new details because, imperceptibly, we have changed.

Many people believe that not worth reading more than once the same book or listen to the same lecture several times.

If those do not reread or reescuchan do because they think they know the book or chat, they are wrong. If these do not review what they know they are going to get bored in a hit.

With books, lectures and films something happens that a majority has experienced: the second time is different from the first.

Our mind because of the assumption that the recording remains the same and confused that we, the readers or viewers, are also the same.

This is where our assumption fails: that change us, but we believe it or not we accept it or bother.

Resistance to change include the fear of losing our identity, we are no longer who (presumably) are.

What is certain is that receiving a second experience is always different from the previous one, and so several times. Depending on which stimulus involved (important book, movie complex, humorous lecture), we can find little or much data, scenes, interpretations, we had not understood, recorded, remembered.

Without exaggeration: with dedicate certain works is preferable to devote time to reread the same time new ones.

Perhaps the first approach we were more immature than in the second. Maybe in the second access we have capitalized some of the first reading and that predisposes us to understand better what we do not understand.

Something similar happens with people: usually preferable to have few friends to dedicate enough time to have many superficial and almost unknown relationships.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Las novedades que surgen al releer.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.091)

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