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Advertising replaced the whip

The ingenuity of the exploiters, appealing to advertising, convinced many that work unnecessarily smart.

When the planet is generous live in an era of abundance. The land is fertile, weather conditions favor plant growth and reproduction of animals we use for food.

Given this bounty of the planet is relatively easy to live, we're happy, happy, relaxed, assured that any such is starving, living conditions are so benign that collaboration between us becomes almost unnecessary, since even the most vulnerable have energy enough to access what you need to survive.

As with any living thing more effort happens, nobody comes to mind, (in booms), do unnecessary work. The living plant and animal kingdom, function well when we do enough, however, in the human species occurs something that confuses us: some people do more than is absolutely necessary.

Surely there are many causes of excessive ambition, the abnormal accumulation of wealth, but propose a single (because not imagine others).

As companies increasingly were suppressing slavery, the ingenuity of many generated ideas on how to get others to strive, to exploit human beings like animals (oxen, horses, donkeys).

The ingenuity of these operators went looking for ways to persuade humans to work more without the pressure of the master whipping his slaves.

In other words: as flogging was banned employees invented the scourge of persuasion, human resource policies.

My hypothesis is that the ingenuity of the exploiters, appealing to advertising, convinced many that work more (be ambitious and consumer) is smart.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  La publicidad remplazó al látigo.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.069)

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