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Pay to commit

The fees paid by a patient in analysis make realize that seeks solutions to problems exclusively yours.

Among offenders there are ways to manage human resources, composed of other secondary offenders, auxiliary staff, subordinates to leaders.

The fidelity of the criminals is as much or more concern that marital fidelity. If the minions talk more, if they were to an agreement with the police or rival gang leaders, the losses could become total: forfeiture of the assets, imprisonment of the leaders, erosion of prestige among the people of the underworld.

So, for leaders is essential that all staff is very involved criminal in office and, above all, committed, ie in case something goes wrong, no one can have an alibi that legally separate to the actions criminal.

In other words, criminals are very jealous of the faithfulness of the members and the staff concerned with the activities of their specialty private theft, robberies, assault companies and institutions collecting or conveyor of values, kidnapping, occupation, smuggling, fraud tax, human trafficking, drug trafficking.

Therefore, the fidelity of the participants waiting for moral reasons, friendship, kindness and making reinforces that everyone is equally guilty before the law. That is, that complicity is narrow and inescapable.

This prologue may function as a metaphor for something very different.

Psychoanalytic treatments can never be free and the fees paid by patients are not the same for everyone: some pay more and some pay less.

While psychoanalyst fees are their livelihood, the most important is that the patient knows and feels that pays (commitment, involvement, complicity) to change your way of being.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Pagar para comprometerse.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.057)

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