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The balance of poverty pathological

A poor disease can not progress because the good and bad that happens neutralize and immobilize it.

A pathology or disease, are almost the same and refer to an impaired functioning of something or someone.

Think of a pendulum clock. It works well when making a single movement to and fro, the needles move in coordination with the clocks chosen to determine the official time of the corresponding meridian.

That clock is healthy if the swing generates a change in tune with the reference clocks, but is ill if the swing does not generate the expected time change. He's dead if not have the sway.

Now let's see how this metaphor corresponds to the topic that interests us.

Poverty is characterized pathological, although there are income and expenses in the poor economy, the end result is unsatisfactory to their expectations.

The disease has a poor swing of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, as the pendulum of the clock, but not access to the quality of life they would have.

Usually when talking about psychological symptoms, in the psyche of the sufferer, there are two opposing forces (I like - not like, I use - no use to me, I advance - recoil, I have hope, disillusioned me), but so that almost are neutralized or cause improvements that in the medium term, are insufficient. In the case of the watch: the swing of the pendulum occurs regularly but when that information is markedly different to the official one, and the patient, working, saving, worries, but ends up unhappy, anxious, depressed, resentful, irritated, with any psychosomatic ailments.

From my point of view, suffers from poor pathological consistent symptom that is too balanced, the good and the bad of its occurrence prevents movement to progress.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  El equilibrio de la pobreza patológica.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.065)

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