viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2013

The non-materialistic greed

 Behind an excessive ambition can find the fear of death and, paradoxically, one horrified rejection of materialism.

It's not easy to eat without hunger and not easy to drink without thirst, however, for some crazy whim of our culture, some feel that it is good to drink without thirst.

Not to forget the glass half full, there are parts of our culture that still remain healthy, which is why, for now we have mentally healthy people who are recommending eating without hunger. Hopefully it will not happen.

Something always happened is that some people strive to get more money than they need. This behavior is similar to eating without hunger, but it looks more to drink without thirst, as advise some respected, (I do not know if respectable) professionals.

This behavior seems unnatural encouraged by a strange desire to be or applaud the martyrs, that is, people who do what no one in their right mind would do.

As mentioned in another article (1), our mind is set to think that down is bad and above is good. In other words, the Law of Gravity attracts to the core of the Earth to all evil, while good is not as severe reached by law: therefore (our psyche imagines) floats in the air, the clouds will, lives in heaven.

Any psychoanalyst would suggest that people accumulating wealth beyond measure can be attached to a trauma caused by an initial feeding (breastfeeding) that generated too much anguish, insecurity, abandonment, hunger, but we can also think that a miser is paradoxically one so fearful falling in materialism, which accumulates wealth for NO DROP in poverty, which is below, which is on earth... perhaps as the bodies buried.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La avaricia no materialista.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.064)

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