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The fear of pain aggression

Perhaps armies were always male because our fear of pain makes us more passion to fight them.

I was always interested to know what happens to us with pain, to the point that, from writing on the subject, I got the excuse to create a blog (1).

More recently, I was re- called by the subject, and here I am, writing about the same (2).

As it is not possible to know how others feel pain, do not know exactly about the suffering of others, we can only go by what we imagine the situation of a suffering, we put in place, try to identify with him. Only then assume how others suffer.

However, it is possible to venture a guess generalizing, just to gather the views of those willing to trust her.

This hypothesis says that men generalizing are less resistant to pain than women. Moreover add that among them are more people who feel some erotic pleasure with pain and among them are more people who feel some erotic pleasure causing pain. Specifically: a feature masochism and sadism predominantly female is a predominantly male feature.

If you believe that these assumptions can lead to some interesting conclusions, then continue together.

Why armies are composed mainly of male?

It seems logical that, while they were killed on the front lines, they were devoted to replenish new specimens without risking death under fire from enemies. However, is not as logical because soldiers replenishing this way delay that lasted more than wars.

I think the soldiers were always men because the fear of pain makes us more aggressive than them. Being more resistant, less passion women would lose combative and even wars.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La agresividad por miedo al dolor.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.071)

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