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Rugby and capitalist competition

In this article I compare capitalist competition with it's own hardened confrontation between practitioners rugby.

I copy and paste, the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, the definition of RUGBY:

Sports practiced, hands and feet, between two teams of fifteen players each, with oval ball to be deposited after the line that marks the end of the field or introduce between a crossbar and two poles that rise above the ends of this.

Some say that this game is played in three stages: 1) training, 2) Competition in the field and 3) A meeting of camaraderie among the members of both teams, to soften any personal discomfort would have been of sporting confrontation and to learn from the mistakes that we point out the occasional competitors.

This game, of English origin, seems to have a feature that, prejudicially, we assign to the English people, this is chivalry, elegance, good manners.

Not to mention that the English people was characterized by invasive behavior, not overpowered many territories far and wide in the world, having tea with the leaders and peoples under that held the most power marine fire and sword ; without forget all this, I repeat, we agree that between rugby lovers there is a mystique which obliges them to themselves, to be honest, play fair, avoid wild violence, even when practicing a sport as violent as this.

When we go out to earn a living, in a competitive market like the capitalist, we are practicing something similar to rugby: melee fight against occasional competitors, trying to bring something as elusive as the money or the oval ball to our pocket or goal.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  El rugby y la compentencia capitalista.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.067)

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