martes, 12 de noviembre de 2013

The disturbing power of doctors

The power of the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies is a situation that should concern unfortunately.

A family with many children know how different people can be despite having the same genetic and being raised in the same home.

Two Italian immigrants who came to the United States when in Italy were hungry and in the young nation was all excitement and opportunity, had five children, all raised with the same devotion, but the second, Bruno, born in a harsh winter Chicago and when he was four years the party was not expected because the parents were very poor and the business of placement of glass in winter was at least sold.

But Bruno had a whole year to think about your sad situation, I should do something for free birthday party that would not be repeated and, by their wits and courage, managed to have their little party.

Sales began to rise when the date of his birthday was approaching.

This happened to nine years when excess ambition, made a mistake that changed the day of his birthday on a day of severe penance. Instead of throwing rocks to break windows three nearby houses, wanted to have a better party and broke the windows of five houses. This attention, the parents thought they asked, and found the little offender.

I worry about the human condition, because surely I'm like that kid even less intelligent or less ambitious, but what happens when doctors can do and undo, concealed by its corporatism and knowledge that isolates them from those who know little or nothing of anatomy, physiology, medicine, surgery.

Do they prioritize my health care or sales?

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  El preocupante poder de los médicos.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.061)

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