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Philosophy is not theoretical but practical

A school teacher, Oscar Tabarez, leading the soccer team, we are re-educating all Uruguayans.

We tend to think that philosophy must understand a set of abstract ideas, too theoretical and impractical, however, for philosophy can also be understood another thing is like the operating system of our mind.

If we understand that an operating system is the program that allows a machine boba understood with a smart user of almost equal-to-equal, we can summarize these ideas saying by philosophy must understand the body of knowledge, theories, beliefs, prejudices, learning, conditioned reflexes, with which we interpret reality and interact with it.

Therefore, with this other sense of the word philosophy, we conclude that all have some and that without it we could not participate intelligently or in nature or in society.

More precisely, a philosophy is not a theory but a practice.

Uruguay, the country where I live, has a total population of three million -odd inhabitants. In comparative terms, we are less Uruguayan residents a neighborhood of São Paulo or Bogotá, however, struck by the number of football championships won since 1930 until today.

In this country we always talked charrúa claw, meaning we inherited the temple a very combative tribe that lived in this territory before they were exterminated by a genocidal sad memory.

Our players were rude, mean, violent, and cheats and won several championships. Then began an era of failure because in other countries began to neutralize our arrogance with a markedly sporty philosophy superior to ours: nobility, education, respect.

A school teacher (Oscar Tabarez) took over the coaching of sports and our selection is changing the philosophy we all.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  La filosofía no es teórica sino práctica.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.084)

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